2014 is bringing some exciting, nerve wracking changes to our family.  After much prayer and talking through the summer and early fall of 2013, Christopher and I have decided that he should resign from his current position as youth minister at Cypress Crossings Christian Church.  It is a decision we never would have dreamed of making, but one that God continues to show us is the right decision. My husband put it well in a facebook status: “It’s almost a new year and coming up this next year we are planning to make some changes in our house. Due to some of Cephas’ mental and behavioral issues I am going to step away from full-time ministry in mid-February for a while to work more with him. Shannon will continue midwifery and I will be working with him to help bring further set structure and help stabilize him. I am not leaving the ministry, but at this time I want to work with him before our further window of opportunity closes. During prayer this year, God has answered and has led me to do this, so trying to listen and do, taking a step at a time letting him work out all the details. Cephas has multiple severe issues he has to work through and the small window of opportunity begins to close up as he enters into puberty. To go into it all in a posting is too much, so this is to keep it short. I will still be “doing ministry”, just not paid ministry within the church. I will still be serving with some para-church organizations and I also plan to continue to do some work within the local churches by being available to fill-in preach and to be available to teach and train in the realm of ministry. I still of course love working with students and love to preach (that hasn’t changed), so hope to continue doing that as time around my new role allows. I don’t know what all God has in store as of yet, but I know for now my main focus will be different for a while. Just trying to be obedient and as I do to seek further understanding. As a note, we are not moving and will still be around in the Cypress area.” My practice is thriving.  I was primary midwife for 31 births in 2013, and that is with taking off November and December.  I have double the patients starting 2014 than I did starting 2013.  God is good.  I love my job.  I love working with mamas and babies.  And He is faithful to continue to bring the couples I am suppose to work with and providing for our family. So, come February, our family will transition to mom working more and dad being home.  We have started making small adjustments to that, such as Christopher doing some of the school work with them, cooking meals, etc.  Homeschooling will be an interesting transition for me as I am such a control freak, and I have homeschooled for six years.  Giving up the primary role in homeschooling and stepping into the secondary role will be interesting.  The younger two will take some adjusting to me being gone more, but Christopher has a lot of fun things planned. We are excited to see the path God lays before us this new year.  God always does immeasurably more than we could as or imagine.  I imagine 2014 will prove to be just as true.