Apprentice Led Care can be a win win for the midwifery team and you, the patient. You get amazing and personalized care while a senior student gets the experience and opportunity they need, and I get to fulfill my wish to share my knowledge and teach future midwives to my high standards.
Sacred Journey has decided to include a new service that aligns with our values, and offers many benefits to you the patient.
The visit schedule will be the same, every four weeks once you enter care, every two weeks starting at 28 weeks, and every week after 36 weeks. One postpartum visit in home at 2 days, then in office at 2 weeks and then 6 weeks.
I attend all your care, am always physically present while my senior student provides the care under my watchful but gracious eye (somewhere between fly on a wall and the laser focus of the hawks scrutiny!). When communicating not in office, we will utilize a three way text with my senior student answering questions, and I will jump in if a correction or additional information is required.
At your birth I will be a few steps away during delivery, close enough if needed, but far enough away to not be a back seat driver!
How you will know if this style care is a fit~
  • You are¬†confident in birth,
  • Have had a prior vaginal birth
  • Are called to help the next wave of midwives get experience
  • Want midwifery care but can’t afford the full rate

Interested in having a senior student be your midwife under supervision?  Contact us today for more information!