L and P started care with me in the beginning of the second trimester of L’s first pregnancy.  L had one less than pleasant appointment with an OBGYN that solidified to her that she wanted a different course of care for her pregnancy.

L was such a delight at each of her appointments, always ready to learn how to best care for herself and her baby.  When anemia and gestational diabetes joined the picture, L readily began her new supplement regimen and made a complete over hall of her diet, and was able to manage her gestational diabetes with diet and exercise.

L sent me a text in the early morning hours of September 15th, five days before her estimated due date, letting me know that she was having some irregular contractions with bloody show.  I encouraged resting, eating, and drinking while waiting for things to get more active.

L came over in the afternoon for an exam and membrane sweep.  Mom and baby’s vitals were perfect.  L’s cervix was 3cm dilated, 100% effaced, 0 station with her cervix anterior and stretchy.  I swept her membranes, and recommended L see her chiropractor N for an adjustment to help make labor more progressive.

L got adjusted, then decided to try a bath for relaxation at 645pm.  Contractions became strong and regular in the tub.  P began to text me, and shortly after 8pm, they requested me to come.

I found L standing, leaning on P for support, moaning with contractions.  Baby sounded perfect, and mom’s vitals looked equally great.

L agreed to a cervical exam at 915pm.  She was 5cm, 100% effaced, and baby at a +1 station.  There was some rigidity on her cervix, and L agreed to allow me to break it up during a contraction to help progression.

L moved to laboring on the birth ball after the exam.  She said the pain was in her back, and one of my apprentices applied essential oils to her back to help the pain. Contractions were coming every 3 minutes, lasting a minute long at this point.

L, P, and I had a conversation about potential emotional triggers when L moved to the toilet.  I reminded L that she was safe and strong, and I was there to help her through this sacred journey.

L sat back on the birth ball to labor, waiting for the birth pool to be ready.  At 11pm, l moved to laboring on her knees in the birth pool.

Contractions were coming every 4 minutes, lasting 90-120 seconds, and had increased greatly in intensity.  L leaned onto P for support, and asked me to talk to her through each contraction, as the words of encouragement were helpful.

Close to midnight, I encouraged L to change position and try semi reclining for a few contractions.  This position increased the pressure she felt in her bottom, and I reminded L that was a good thing, and encouraged her to stay there for a few contractions.

Nausea and vomiting rolled in, making it clear that L was in the throes of transition.  The birth team began to administer homeopathy which helped calm the nausea.

L was feeling some strange sensations, and asked to be checked close to 1am.  She was 7cm dilated, and baby was a +1/+2 station.  Her cervix was very stretchy, and the baby was putting perfect pressure on her cervix with contractions.

L did a great job snacking and drinking in between her contractions, and her blood sugar handled labor moderately well.

L began to labor on her knees, holding on to P with every contraction.  I needed to step away to pump, and L requested my apprentice S to sit in the chair in my place, but soon requested me to please pump beside her.  I pumped, and continued to talk her through contractions.  It was around this point that L really began to respond well to affirmations that focused on her being powerful and strong, so through out the rest of her labor, we focused on her power and strength.

L said contractions were feeling much different at 2am.  She became more vocal, and responded well to double hip squeezes.  At 247am, she began to bear down at the peaks of contractions.  At 259am, L began to spontaneously push with contractions in the pool.

L’s water broke at 305am, and baby sounded like a champ.  At 313am, l moved to semi reclining to continue to push in the pool.  She did well listening to her body, and moving her baby down.

L got out of the pool at 327am, and pushed for a couple contractions in a standing position before moving to the bed.  L moved positions very frequently in the bed, moving between left and right side, semi reclining.

My assistant H began to assist L with pushing using the rebozo for tug of war, which was very effective.  L found H to be a calming focal point, and a couple contractions later, we could see the head sitting on the perineum.

I reminded L as the burning set in that the burning was her baby, and she birthed the head at 358am, followed by the rest of her sweet girl at 359am.  She did it!  She had her baby at home!

Welcome to the world Sophie, born earthside on September 16th, 2018 at 359am weighing in at 7lbs 6ozs, 18.25″ long.  L was so proud of her strength, and empowered by the journey she took to bring sweet Sophie earth side.