H and J started care with us at the end of the first trimester of her third pregnancy.  H had previously had a precipitous birth center delivery and an unassisted home birth when she could not make it to the birth center, and was planning a home birth from the start this journey.

H had a smooth, uncomplicated pregnancy.  Since her previous babies came around their due date, this one was anticipated as the same.  Sure enough, around 1am two days past H’s estimated due date, H called letting me know she had been having some minor cramping and contractions for the last two hours.  She was certain this was labor, and ready for everyone to come.

I arrived around 145am, and found H sitting on her birth ball in her room, moaning with contractions.  She had her area of blankets prepped on the floor at the end of the bed, as she anticipated birthing on her knees at the end of the bed as she had previously.

H was well supported from her mom and her three girls as she walked through her labor journey, with words of encouragement, chatting, and getting her food and drink.

Aside from a couple trips to the toilet, H spent her journey on the ball, as she found it the most comfortable, as her contractions intensified.

As 3am neared, H commented multiple times how different this labor journey was, and it was very true.  She said her first labor was 90 minutes, and her second was 45 minutes.

At 359am, H went to the toilet, and when she came back, she got on the floor, prepared for birth.  Her water broke 7 minutes later, followed by spontaneous pushing.  H was in tune with her body and baby, and listened to the wisdom on what to do.  The baby was on perineum at 415am, and two more pushes later, and her sweet girl was born at 418am, and immediately placed onto her chest.

Welcome to the world, Amber!  Born earth side on October 31, 2019, weighing 7lbs 8ozs, 20in in length.

It was a joy to have been part of this special birthing time.  <3

-Midwife Shannon