Bronn R transferred care to me at 24 weeks gestation.  This was baby number 3 and she had two previous home births. R had a lovely pregnancy.  At 39 weeks, she tested for her brown belt in Tae Kwon Do!  That amazed everyone. The morning of January 10 was an interesting one.  I had woke around 3:30, and a minute later my phone went off.  It was another patient saying she was certain she was starting labor. I told her to drink some water and take a warm bath and let me know in an hour how her contractions are.  I drifted back to sleep, but dreamed that R text me saying her water broke.  I woke up feeling anxious about it, and decided I would send R a text around day light to make sure she wasn’t feeling labory at all, since my other mama lived an hour away. 5:15 my phone goes off.  I expected it to be the other mama, and was surprised to find it was R calling!  R said her water broke and that she hadn’t had any contractions yet, but she would let me know as soon as she felt one.  Talk about midwife intuition! It wasn’t long and R text that she had a couple contractions.  By 6am, I walked into R’s house and found her contracting every 2-3 minutes, lasting 90 seconds and the contractions were intense.Her body wasted no time kicking into gear!  R bounced on her birth ball and breathed deeply during each contraction as her bath tub was prepared for her to labor in. Soon the tub was ready and R sunk into the warm water and continued her labor.  Her husband joined her in the tub.  The big brothers were excited about all that was happening and decided to join R in the tub.  R labored quietly, completely unphased by all that was happening around her. A little after 7am, R states she is starting to feel pushy.  I encouraged her that she was doing amazing, and to let me know when the urge was unbearable. At 7:32, R began to spontaneously push.  A couple minutes later R stated that she could feel the baby’s head.  At 7:37, the head was out and a nuchal cord was found.  It was too tight to be looped over the head so we waited for the body to come to unloop.  At 7:39, baby was born into the water and into his mama’s waiting hands, all wrapped up in his cord.  It took his mama and me a few seconds to get him unraveled, but we got it done quickly and baby soon pinked up. R stated this was her quickest labor, and most intense.  Baby breastfed like a champ and enjoyed a calming herbal bath with his mama soon after his feeding. Bronn Everett was welcomed to the world on January 10, 2014 at 7:39am, weighing in at 7.13#, 19.5” long.  His mama did amazing bringing her sweet little one earthside.