Joshua 2 A and M started care with me at the end of the first trimester of their fourth pregnancy.  A had two birth center deliveries and a failed induction turned cesarean in the hospital.  She was excited to be planning for a healing home birth. A’s pregnancy progressed normally until her 31 week appointment.  While palpating her abdomen, I felt there was too much amniotic fluid.  Ultrasound that night confirmed my suspicion.  I gave A a few recommendations, and she decided to do Whole 30 which would cut the inflammatory foods out, which ideally would drop the fluid levels. A went for a follow up ultrasound two weeks later, and we were all shocked to see the diet had tremendously lowered her fluid levels from 28cm to 18cm in two weeks!  A continued to follow this diet through the remainder of her pregnancy, which kept fluid levels and blood pressure within normal limits. At 39.2 weeks, A called and let me know her water had broken.  She wanted to come by for an assessment and arrived about an hour later. I confirmed A was ruptured.  Her cervix was 3cm dilated, 60% effaced and baby at a -2 station.  Baby was in an optimal position for delivery.  I made A some pregnancy tea with tinctures to help encourage contractions. A contacted irregularly through out the evening.  She went to the grocery store with M for a few snacks and could tell things were changing.  At midnight, contractions shifted and became frequent and required her to focus.  A called me and told it was time for me to come. I arrived right before 1am and found A walking around her room, pausing about every 2-2.5 minutes to breathe through a labor wave.  She was 4cm, 100% effaced and baby was at a 0 station.  A said with her girls that when she hit 4cm, things generally went quickly. While the birth pool was bring prepped, I did lift and tuck with the rebozo to A for a few contractions to help baby get settled more into the pelvis since A had a pendulous abdomen.  This seemed to make contractions a little longer and stronger.  A was ready for the birth pool.  Right before 2am she got into the warm water and labored on her knees, her labor play list playing in the back ground. It wasn’t long and A said she starting to feel a little pushy with contractions.  She was speaking affirmations over herself, while the rest of us encouraged her on how amazing she was doing. A asked me to check her at 2:24.  She was 6-7cm.  Great progress in an hour.  A later said based on how she was feeling, she was discouraged that she wasn’t further along. Things were moving along quickly.  A became primal with contractions.  I could tell we were close.  A began to pray and praise God through each contraction.  She said over and over that she was going to “smile her baby out.”  At 2:39 A began to spontaneously push.  The baby slid down the birth canal quickly, and was crowning minutes later.  One more swift push and A was holding her sweet baby at 2:50am. Welcome to the world Joshua!  Born earth side on February 12, 2016 at 2:50am, weighing in at 8.0#, 19.5″ long.  It was such a joy to work with this sweet family and be part of this awesome ladies HBAC!  This little guy is so loved by all his sweet siblings. Joshua 3Joshua 1 #sacredjourneymidwifery #houston #midwifelife