I met with E and J at 35 weeks along in their pregnancy.  They had moved back to the area recently and although E had a provider, they were unhappy and were midwife hunting.  It was essential for E to feel connected to her provider as J was not going to be present at their birth due to his job in the military.  We connected and E came in for her first appointment the next week. E had two previous births and both baby’s came around their due date, so it was fully anticipated that we would have a beginning August baby.  Due date came and went, and before we knew it we were 41 weeks pregnant!  E had done three acupuncture session, herbs, oils, chiropractics… practically everything to encourage Miss Lucy to come earthside, but Lucy had other plans. E’s sister M was also expecting and due three weeks after E.  It came as a surprise when M went into labor and had her baby first. E supported her sister as a doula being 41+ weeks pregnant. As we neared 42 weeks, things became emotional to say the least.  We had to have a lot of talks we didn’t want to have due to the laws.  E decided to do a membrane sweep on a Thursday.  Followed with another Friday, in hopes that this would bring on labor.  A membrane sweep was easy to do as E was 3cm dilated.  She returned Friday morning and she was 4cm.  Crampy, bloody show.  So we were hopeful that this meant baby.  We were now on a time table to have a baby before Monday. E decided she would like to call in my preferred acupuncturist for labor encouragement as well as another membrane sweep that evening.  I arrived that evening to do the sweep and found E to be 4-5 cm dilated, 70% effaced and baby at a -1 station.  Frank, the acupuncturist, soon arrived and began his treatment.  E responded well and began contracting every 5-7 minutes, and soon contractions were a minute long.  By midnight, contractions were every 3-4 minutes, lasting 70 seconds long and E stated she was confident she was in active labor and it was good to call the birth team.  No one knew that Lucy planned to take her time. For the next few hours, E alternated resting with walking.  A couple hours into labor, she decided she wanted her hep lock put in.  E had hemorrhaged in the past and liked to have a hep lock in so she could receive fluids should she need them after the baby was born.  An hour later, she took it out.   🙂  At 330 in the morning, we did a cervical check and found E to be 6/70/0.  Contractions still were coming about every 3 minutes, lasting 70 seconds long. We had some adventures with the water hose that E bought for her water birth.  No one realized the intensity the hose had when you put it down, so the bed room got a good spray several times through out the night and next day. Soon it was morning.  E drank some CALM powder to give her energy and help her blood pressure, and began to use the breast pump to encourage stronger contractions.  She continued alternating resting with walking. At 11, we did an exam and found E to be 7/90/-1.  After a lot of discussion and prayer, E decided she would like her water artificially broken to see if this would make labor progress more quickly.  Contractions were about every 5 minutes, and E wanted to have a baby. Contractions soon became more intense, and E got into the birth pool.  Things became serious.  She liked it quiet.  I gave her some herbs and homeopathics to bring contractions closer together. It is so lovely how beautifully God orchestrated Lucy’s arrival earth side.  Due to the timing of Lucy’s birth, J was given early release to fly back to Houston to be here with E.  It was such an array of emotions watching a husband and wife be united after separation for several weeks, and the emotions around the fact that J wasn’t so suppose to be here.  God is so good. It was obvious E’s uterus was becoming fatigued.  We were definitely in transition, but contractions were very spaced, coming every 7-9 minutes.  E rested in between and commented repeatedly that the contractions were so very intense.  She couldn’t handle it if they were any closer. In the 3 o’clock hour, E stated she felt like she was going to need to push soon.  Just as the clock turned 4, E began to push with contractions.  Soon the head was visible with pushing.  E made the whole room bust into laughter when I applied counter pressure to her perineum with the commentary she made.  <3 After a long day of labor, baby Lucy was born in the water at 4:18 in the afternoon on Saturday, August 17, 2013.  Mama and papa rejoiced over their sweet baby girl. Lucy nursed like a champ.  Mama was quite exhausted from the long labor.  They cuddled in bed, nursing.  And then enjoyed their bonding in the herbal bath. Such a privilege to have been part of sweet Lucy’s birth.  Welcome to the world you not so tiny baby girl!  Weighing in at 10.4#, 22″ long.  Your mama is so amazing.