Mary B and J started care with me in the first trimester of their sixth pregnancy.  This was the third pregnancy and birth I got to be part of with this sweet family!  (Feel free to read this mama’s past birth stories here:  Abigail  Wyatt.) The night of September 25, 2015 B sent me a text saying she was having some more prodromal labor and was so exhausted.  After talking, B decided she would take Tylenol PM to help give her some rest.  I encouraged her that if her labor pattern changed and became active labor, she would wake. About an hour later at 11:45pm, B text me that her contractions woke her from her sleep.  Ten minutes later she asked me to come.  Her contractions were consistently 5 minutes apart, and were requiring her focus.  B now lives well over an hour from me so I was dressing and out the door. I arrived at 1:15am and found B pacing around the living room.  Contractions were definitely close, coming every 2-3 minutes, lasting 40 seconds.  B was gently rocking her hips as she had a contraction. After doing initial vitals, B decided to try the shower for a few contractions while I got supplies out and organized. After a couple contractions, B moved to her birth ball which felt most comfortable to her.  B had read a birth story I had posted earlier about using Rescue Remedy in labor to help ladies when they feel panicky during the labor process.  We had talked at her last appointment about how I would have it available for her if she would like to use it. Around 1:35am, she requested a dose of rescue remedy, which we repeated a couple more times before the baby came.  B calmly breathed through each contraction and felt that the remedy helped her. At 145am, I did a cervical exam.  B’s standard pattern is to have a stall around 5-6cm, then things go fast.  B was 7cm dilated, 100% effaced and baby was at a 0 station.  Her amniotic sac was bulgy.  It definitely did not appear that things were going to take much longer. B moved back to the birth ball and rocked her hips as the birth waves continued to come.  As 2am neared, B said she was starting to feel pushy.  She asked me to talk to her through contractions to help keep her calm.  I spoke words of encouragement to her through each birthing wave. B requested to try to sit on the birth stool at 206am.  After sitting on it she decided it was not comfortable, and moved to a standing position.  She made a primal moan, and asked to be checked. At 207am, B was 9.5cm and baby was at a +2 station.  I held back the lip as B was spontaneously bearing down.  In the same moment, B’s water broke.  The next push brought very quickly the baby into my hands and into B’s awaiting arms. B exclaimed that this was her easiest birth ever.  She rejoiced in how wonderful this experience was. Welcome to the world sweet Mary!  Born earth side on September 26, 2015 at 2:08am, weighing in at 7lbs 14ozs, 19.5″ long.  Such a privilege to be part of a third birth with this sweet family.