D and J started care with me at the start of the second trimester of their third pregnancy.  Her first birth ended in a surgical birth, her second a very precipitous hospital VBAC.  She was looking forward to experiencing this birth in the comfort of her home for her third baby. At 39.2 weeks, D sent me a text around 11am saying her contractions she has been having definitely have shifted and changed.  After timing a few, D said they were coming every 5-7 minutes, lasting 30 seconds. D was heading to a meeting at her son’s school and then was going to come to the office for peace of mind.  As she got to the meeting, things felt stronger and closer, and knowing her history, D decided she would rather me come to her. I arrived around 3pm that afternoon, finding D sitting on the couch.  Contractions were coming every 3-5 minutes apart, 30 seconds long, requiring D to focus on breathe through them.  D was 3-4 cm dilated, 70% effaced and baby at a 0 station.  I worked on the scar tissue on her cervix during the exam to help break it up. Dylan 4 After the cervical check, I recommended going out for a walk and doing some curb walking to help jiggle baby’s head.  My apprentice Rowan arrived about this time and we all went walking with D. Dylan 5 Once we got back into the house, I recommended pulling out one of D’s wraps and wrapping her belly to help baby’s position.  She walked around the house, laughing and chatting in between contractions. Dylan 6 She asked about if seeing her chiropractor would help, and decided to try to reach out to her chiro.  Her chiro got back to her soon and it was decided that I would take D to the chiro just in case. Dylan 7 The contractions picked up once we left the house.  They were coming every 2-3 minutes, lasting a minute long.  In the middle of her adjustment, D was overwhelmed with emotion and I encouraged her to let it all out.  The adjustment seemed to help, and being away from the house full of people seemed to really help.  The contractions were very intense on the ride back to the house.  And D began to panic that he water would break in my van.  I told her the van seat cleans, and to let her body relax and let her do its thing. Contractions remained intense for a while upon arriving home.  D was feeling weepy.  She wasn’t sure she was ready for the journey that lie ahead. Dylan 3 Contractions began to space and become less intense within 30 minutes of being home.  D was walking around the house, talking and chatting.  We used some clary sage on her belly to help bring back the frequency and intensity of the contractions. Dylan 2Dylan 8 A little after 7pm, D asked for an exam.  She was 4cm, 80% effaced and baby at a 0 station.  I swept D’s membranes.  After the exam, D and I sat and talked.  We talked through her fears about birth and fears about another baby.  I pulled out his little “born at home” shirt and set it in front of D.  We talked about the baby by name, and imagined his little face.  The contractions picked up, and D was unable to speak through them.  The time alone just to talk seemed to be helping things. Slowly Rowan and her doula started filtering in.  Her doula provided counter pressure through the contractions.  D was getting really anxious about her water breaking in her pants.  I told her that pants aren’t recommended for birthing anyway and to take them off.  Within minutes, D’s water broke spontaneously on the floor, completely amazing how much power the mind has over things. Dylan 9 D decided she would feel better taking a shower.  She got into the shower, and Rowan and I got the birth pool ready.  D came and sat in the chair in her bed room for a few contractions, her doula rubbing her back. At 825pm, the birth pool was ready.  D got in and labored on her knees.  She became quite humorous while laboring in the water, saying many things that made us all burst out in laughter.  She made a point to blame her husband for not pulling out and getting her in this mess of having to have a baby more than once, which made us all die with laughter! Dylan 10 D alternated her position in the birth pool, laboring on her knees and semi sitting.  She liked the counter pressure her doula provided between contractions.  As 9pm neared, D said she was feeling more pressure, and exclaimed, “That is terrifying.  My hips (spontaneously) opened up wide.” Dylan 11 A few minutes passed 9, D became primal during contractions and I knew baby was near.  D still kept the humor going, exclaiming she wanted a mcflurry!  D began to spontaneously push at 909pm, bringing the head to the perineum a minute later.  I reminded D the importance of keeping her bottom in the water.   The head was crowning at 913pm, followed by the rest of the baby a minute later.  I brought him up towards D so she could help bring him in the water.  He was here! Dylan 12 Welcome to the world Mason, born earth side on January 22, 2016 at 914pm, weighing in at 9lbs 2ozs, 21″ long.  It was such a joy to be part of this sweet little ones birthing day! #sacredjourneymidwifery #houston #midwifelife