I am getting behind on birth stories! This little guy is almost two months old! I can hardly believe it! A and L began care with me on New Years. A had gone to Bible college with my husband and had known each other a long time. A and L were expecting their 4th baby. At our annual Christmas party, L talked to me about a home birth, particularly a water birth, and how women had babies without pain medicine. Since it was their 4th, and maybe their last, they decided to have this baby at home. L continued to see her OB through out her pregnancy as well as me. Her OB was surprisingly supportive of midwives and home birth. As she entered her third trimester, L seemed to have made a jump in fundal growth. L hadn’t had a baby bigger than 7.11#. This baby was telling us early on that he was going to be a big guy! On April 18, L went in for her final appt with her OB. She had her do a cervical exam and found that she was already 5cm! She text me about her appointment. Knowing her history of quick labors, and knowing I was an hour away, L decided she wanted me to come and do a membrane sweep. I arrived at her home around 4:30 in the afternoon to get the show on the road. Cervical exam found L to be 5-6cm, 80% effaced, and baby sitting at a -1 station with a nice, bulgy bag of water. L said she had been having some irregular contractions since lunch time. I did a membrane sweep and then made L a strong cup of pregnancy tea with herbs in it. She sat on her ball and we chatted away. At 6pm, we decided to do another sweep. Contractions were coming now every 3-10 minutes, and she was a good 6cm. We did some more herbal tinctures and L continues to bounce on her ball. Around this point, L and A were talking to their kiddos about the labor and birth. By this time, the birth pool was blown up and filled partly with water for the impending birth. Their three year old was anxiously waiting to go swimming. After talking with the children, the big sister decided she wanted to catch the baby. Since she had been at school all day, her parents sent her to shower and change into something she didn’t mind getting wet in. Moments later, big sister reappears in a full wet suit! We all died laughing! It was so cute and funny! At 7pm, Land I talked and decided we would break her water with this vaginal exam. She was now 6-7cm. I put on an amniocot and broke her water. We continued the herbs to help with the contractions. Soon after breaking her water, contractions began coming more consistently at 6 minutes apart and L was having to breath through them. The birth ball was her favorite spot to be, and she continued to bounce and rock on the ball. Around 9:30, L decided to stand beside her bed. That is exactly what she needed. Immediately, contractions got harder and began coming every 2-3 minutes. We were moving right along. I added some more hot water to the birth tub knowing L would want to get in at any moment. Right before 10pm, L got into the tub. The children were gotten from their beds to be part of the birth. Big sister excitedly put on a pair of gloves to help me catch her brother. Contractions were hard and on top of each other. At 10:10, L said she had an uncontrollable urge to push. Three minutes later, she pushed her baby boy into my and big sister’s waiting hands. Baby Samuel had a nuchal cord that big sister and I somersaulted him out of and brought him up from the water and to mom’s chest. L’s biggest baby had been 7.11. This birth had only 45 minutes of actual active labor before we had a baby. Baby Samuel was a whopping 9.5#! Such an easy delivery for a big boy! I was so privileged to get to be part of L and A’s birth. Thankful they asked me to be their midwife! Welcome to the world baby Samuel! Weighing 9.5#, 22″ long, born on April 18 at 10:13 pm.