C and C started care with me in the first trimester of their second pregnancy.  C had a beautiful home birth with her first little guy, and was looking for another great experience with this little one.

C had experienced a precipitous delivery with her first baby, and her first midwife did not make her birth.  This caused her some anxiety through out the pregnancy, and I encouraged her that I was going to make it, and if for some reason I did not, i would be en route and close, but was confident I would make it.

Six days after her estimated due date, C called me around 4am, letting me know she had begun experiencing contractions an hour earlier that were becoming more regular, longer, and stronger, and C prompted her to call for me to come as I live a bit of a distance from her, and with her history, we did not want to chance me missing it!

I arrived around 515am, and found C laying on her right side in her bed.  All vitals were normal.  C and I began discussing a cervical exam, and her choices dependent upon what her cervix was doing.  I did an exam at 530am, and found C to be 4cm dilated, 100% effaced, and baby at a 0 station.  I swept her membranes per her request.

After the exam, C moved to her birth ball, snacking on a banana between contractions.  We enjoyed laughing and chatting in between the waves.

At 615am, apprentice A began doing lift and tucks with the rebozo with C to help strengthen her contractions.  Contractions were coming ever 2-3 minutes, lasting 45-60 seconds after the lift and tuck.

After working hard with that position, C moved to laying on her right side again in her bed to get a little rest.

After getting some rest, C and C got ready and went outside for a walk.  They went for a good 25 minute walk, before coming back in for hydrating.  C was ready to keep working, and moved on to doing a fun position I call Captain Morgan’s with hip circles.  We had C do three on each leg, which helps open up the pelvis and allow the baby more room to move on down.

C stated she was beginning to feel some pressure in her bottom.  She moved to the toilet because she thought it would feel good.

C requested a cervical exam at 8am.  She was 7cm dilated, and +1 station.  She decided she was ready to move to the birth pool, laboring in a seated position.  We started to give her homeopathic arnica to help with swelling and bleeding associated with delivery.

C soon moved to laboring on her knees, focused with the waves, and snacking on chocolate covered strawberries between contractions.  I feel like chocolate covered strawberries just screams #thisishomebirth.  Mom’s get to do and eat whatever they want!

As the 9 o’clock hour appeared, C’s contractions were coming every 4-5 minutes, lasting about a minute long.  C was alternating her position between sitting and kneeling every few contractions, as her journey became more intense.

The heat of transition was upon as 10am appeared.  C was done, as all women feel when experiencing transition.  I sat on her bed side, and gently encouraged her with each wave that she was powerful and she was going to meet her sweet baby so soon.

Soon, her body began to push.  At 1025am, her body was pushing and bringing her baby rapidly close to her arms. With the second push, the head was visible on the perineum, and with the third, the baby was crowning.

Her water broke with delivery of her baby’s head.  With the next wave, C powerfully birthed her baby in the birth pool just as she wished and hoped.

Welcome to the world, Shiloh!  Born earthside on April 15th, 2019 at 1028am, weighing in at 8lbs 8ozs.  Her big brother was so excited to see her, trying to figure out who this little one in his mama’s arms is!

It was such an honor to support this powerful mama through her labor journey.  #sacredjourneymidwifery

Photos by Yany Photography.