Opal 2 O and B started prenatal care with me near the beginning of their second trimester of their first pregnancy.  Pregnancy was pretty easy, until the end. O was hopeful that her baby would make his entrance before his due date.  None of us were shocked when her due date came and went and no baby.  O was doing all she could to work him out:  supplements, chiro, labor whispering massages from her doula, etc.  As the 41st week neared, she started my homeopathic regimen… and no baby.  During the start of her 41st week, O went and had two long acupuncture sessions to encourage labor, and no baby.  As she hit 41.5, O started having an increase in edema and in her blood pressure.  She tried hypnosis to see if that would help… and still no baby.  We thought baby would be on the bigger side, and our attempts to sweep membranes were weak as O was 1/30/-3. We all had a cry at O’s appointment at 41.6 when we decided she would need to see my back up the next day for an induction of labor. O started her birthing journey on a Tuesday afternoon at 4pm with cervadil to encourage her cervix to soften and thin.  After 12 hours, it was taken out and pitocin was started to bring on contractions around 5am Wednesday morning.  O was checked at 3cm dilated, 50% effaced and baby still high at a -3 station. I arrived close to 7am and found O in the bed.  This was her favorite activity during her laboring time while she was in the bed:  getting foot rubs with essential oils from her hubby. Opal 3 I got O to get up and start rocking those hips on the birth ball.  Contractions soon were coming frequently, but mild. As 9am neared, baby wasn’t liking the positions as much, so O got in the bed and layed on her left side.  We chatted as she rested on her side, baby’s heart rate looking much better. For the next couple hours, O layed on her side, then got up and walked around the room some, swaying through contractions.  As 12pm neared, O’s water broke spontaneously.  Awhile later when checked, O was 3cm/70%/-3.  Contractions seemed to be coming steady every 2-3 minutes. It was evident the pain was increasing with contractions through the afternoon.  O preferred laying on her left side.  O requested a check around 3pm, and she was 3/90/-3.  After speaking with O and B, they decided to try 30 minutes alone to see if it helped O relax and settle. Not too long after I stepped out, B text me asking to come back.  Contractions were hard and O wanted to talk about pain management options.  After talking, O decided she would try a dose of stadol in her IV and see if it helped take the edge off and give her some relief.  She also opted for some Zofran at the same time to help with nausea, as the peppermint oil wasn’t cutting it anymore either. Stadol seemed to help a little.  I pulled out the rescue remedy and O took a couple doses in the 4pm hour to help with calming as well. At 530pm, O was checked and found to be 5cm dilated, 100% effaced and baby at a -2 station.  O was found to still have a forebag that was ruptured during the exam.  O decided at that point she would like to get an epidural.  Around 630pm, the epidural was placed. For the next several hours, O alternated positions, from left to right.  She had a good chat with her doula, which helped rejuvenate her.  As midnight neared, O had made no cervical change. O rested some through the night.  Her next exam was at 430am, and she was now 8cm/100%/-1.  We were proud of the good change happening through the night.  It seemed that baby might  be posterior now, as well as swelling on the cervix.  We moved O’s position around to help baby rotate. As the 6am hour appeared, O began feeling a lot of pressure and burning on her cervix from the cervadil.  Her temperature was now increased, as well as baby was having an increased heart rate.  O decided she would like to proceed with a surgical birth and have her baby. Sweet baby Taggart was born earthside at 740am on March 26, 2014 weighing in at 9lbs. 7ozs! Opal 1 Taggart latched to the breast with no issues which was lovely for O!  The funniest part of the postpartum period was with O’s nurses.  O really wanted a print of her placenta.  The nurses thought that was the coolest thing and had a blast playing around with the placenta and helping make the print.  It was quite a memorable moment. So proud of how hard O worked to bring her sweet boy earthside.  Taggart is so loved by his parents and his big brother, dog Buster.  <3