It has been six months since we moved Cephas to the boy’s home four hours away.  (Haven’t read our story of adopting Cephas before?  You can read it HERE.) The first few weeks that he was gone came to light how frazzled our nerves were.  Our minds and hearts would race and it took a few weeks for our body to relax and realize our home environment was “safe” again and we didn’t have to be on guard 24/7.  We could feel our adrenals healing, cortisol levels moralizing and actually being able to sleep. Cephas started in the public school system there in April.  We had been doing 4th grade work with him, but he tested into 5th grade.  So he started in a 5th grade class at the school. In July, Christopher received a call from the home that Cephas kept asking about coming home for a visit.  We were not in anyway comfortable with him coming home yet.  The thought made us feel panicky.  Since my next patient due was 37 weeks, we decided I would take Gideon up and stay in a hotel for a couple nights to visit with Cephas. The visit went relatively well.  I noticed that Cephas actually slept which was a big improvement from before.  By the third day when I was taking him back to the home, he was starting to pick fights and irritate Gideon so it was a good time for the visit to be over. All this time the reports we got from the home were that he was doing well.  No violence, some instigating with other children but otherwise fine. Until the last few weeks… It appears Cephas has finally gotten comfortable at the home.  We think his honeymoon period was extended do to the changing schedule of being in school for just a few weeks, summer break, changing homes (the home number he was in moved homes) and then back to starting at school.  He has now been in school for two months and issues are starting. 3-4 weeks ago Christopher got a call from the home that Cephas had been suspended from school for a few days.  Last week Christopher got a call from Cephas and his house dad.  The protocol at the home is that if the child does something severely wrong, they have to call home and confess to the parent.  Cephas stole a calculator from someone. The lying has gotten outrageous over the last few weeks from what we hear.  His behaviors are escalating.  He has not gotten violent there, and for that we are thankful.  Christopher was told the closest to violent Cephas has gotten is the couple times he has been told he has to call home and confess what he has done. The home just received a psych evaluation that was done on Cephas over the summer.  They are considering a possible autism diagnosis.  I never discredit anything with Cephas.  The child was exposed to drugs and alcohol en utero, experienced high levels of abuse and neglect in his first two years of life and was double vaccinated.  Anything is possible.  However, I find it hard to believe and I am not running on the autism train like the home is.  Children are way over diagnosed these days with ADHD and Autism, so it is hard to believe at this point. That being said, the number one recommendation was for Cephas to stay in his current environment.  That is huge.  The home is looking more into ways to help him, as well as changing out his current therapist to one who specializes working with children with autism. What now?  We plan to bring Cephas home for Christmas for a week.  It will be his first trip home since his move in April.  We are praying it is a positive experience. We are thankful for each day he is getting to stay there and get help, and thankful for the days of healing we and the boys are getting as well.  We would continue to appreciate prayers for Cephas.  For healing and that the home will continue to allow him to stay there and work with him towards learning how to cope and handle his feelings and emotions.