• What position will I be in for the birth?

    That is totally up to you. You may prefer to sit on the bed or on the floor, to stand up or squat down, to kneel or lay on your side. You can get in and out of the tub for a water birth in Houston, or sit on the birthing stool. One marvelous thing about homebirth is that you can adopt the position of your choice. Of course, I, as your midwife, will suggest different positions to help enhance the delivery if necessary. I truly believe that all women intuitively know how to give birth and they will choose the position that is right for them and their baby.

  • What about newborn care?

    Texas law requires the following: newborn eye prophylaxis, newborn metabolic screening (PKU), and Vitamin K injection. If these tests are not something you feel are essential for the well-being of your baby, you may sign the waiver which I will provide.