playdo Today, I hosted my first essential oil play date.  We made homemade play dough and mixed in essential oils to give it therapeutic value. Popular oil mix in choices were Citrus Bliss (uplifting), On Guard (Kills Virus’, Bacteria), Serenity (Calming, Relaxing), Elevation (Energizing), and Balance (Settling hyperactivity). Here is the recipe.  The play dough was amazingly soft. 1 cup flour 1 cup water 2 Teaspoons Cream of Tartar 1/3 cup salt 1 Tabelspoon oil – Mix all ingredients in a 2 quart saucepan.  Cook over low heat.  Stir.  Once begins to thicken, add food coloring.  Continue stirring until mixture is much thicker and begins to gather around the spoon. -Remove the dough onto wax paper to cool. -Once cooled, knead.  With essential oil of your choice, knead in 5 drops of oil into your play dough. My boys loved making their play dough today!  They have played with it off and on most of the day.  One of them chose Citrus Bliss and the other chose Roman Chamomile.  When finished playing with your play dough, kiddos can place it in a ziploc bag and store it in the fridge.  On average, it will keep for about six months. This recipe makes the equivalent of two play dough containers. Hope you- and your kiddos- enjoy this fun, easy home made play dough recipe and therapeutic value with using essential oils.