After having 2 c-sections. my husband and I were looking for something different. We interviewed several midwives around town, some by phone, some by email and some in person. The first time Shannon emailed me back, I cried. She was the first person who had been 100% encouraging to me in my quest for a VBAC after 2 surgical births. After my husband and I met her, my heart was warmed because of how she interacted with us, our children and her own children, who were having an interesting day! My third pregnancy was a whirlwind and a test of my ability to let go. Shannon was there through it all with her smile, sympathy, and, most importantly, her prayers. At 36 weeks, when I had a final ultrasound assessment, I think we both cried the same tears of joy. She was such a peaceful presence through my labor and home delivery and completely encouraging after our baby was born and things did not go quite perfectly. She was there for me and my husband through the next couple of weeks as well as we dealt with some extra healing issues and worries. What a blessing to me and my family to have found a kindred spirit to give exemplary care through the journey of growing our precious herd of boys! I will never regret a single choice that we made during this pregnancy, especially the choice to invite Shannon into our family as a caretaker and friend. Proud mommy of Daven born May 24, 2013, 9#1oz!  Caitlin, Tomball, mother of Daven born on May 24, 2013