I met Shannon at the birth of my first son. She was an apprentice at a birth center. I immediately felt connected to her. There is just something about her. She is just so full of love and wisdom. Who wouldn’t feel a connection? So when I became pregnant I didn’t hesitate to ask her to be my midwife for my VBAC. The care I received from her was simply amazing. It never felt like I was going for a check up more like I was going to meet a friend. Appointments with Shannon was something I would look forward to. Even now 3 months post partum I love to find any excuse for a visit. For my birth she was an amazing. Exceeding all my expectation! On day 4 of labor I decided to transfer to Ben Taub. I never felt pressured and she discussed all of our options. She made sure we were confident in our decision. She stayed with us the entire time. My birth didn’t go as planned but I don’t regret any moment of it. Birth takes on its own path. Her care did not end there. I had some unexpected obstacles (not baby related) that would put any person in depression let alone a new mother. She helped me in ways I couldn’t even began to explain. I am so blessed to have her as my midwife and my friend.  Casey, League City, mother of Caleb born on September 10, 2013