I was going to write in letter form but this makes more since. Haha When I sit here thinking of the significance of the journey you walked us through its bringing tears to my eye’s. I appreciated that you are very knowledgeable and professional. After the births and one miscarriage with ob/gyns I learned the value of a professionals time. Every time we met I noticed that you didn’t look at the clock. I never expected or took for granted the time you invested in our family. I was always touched by your genuine concern. Many times I became emotional or stressed and I appreciate your patience with me. My births have been text book and I love that you still cared about what I desires for my birth and didn’t belittle the simplicity of my births. When I felt concerned about anything like size, blood sugar or anything after I talked to you I felt so much better. If you ever chose a different career I would think a counselor was right up your ally. I’m never going to forget how quickly you showed up when I needed you most. I am amazed at your ability to provide for your patients no matter what you are facing in your personal life. This is a calling and a gift for you it’s very clear. I believe that God brought you into our lives. I continue to be amazed by your instincts, knowledge and ability to just know everything during my birth. I know that I could be a pain in the butt however you never made me feel like it. I’m sad that I don’t have a picture of you during my labor or birth but like Ronnie said may be next time I still can’t get over the fact that I had three babies before I learned that I could have such a wonderful experience. That I could have been treated with respect and dignity. My heart is full of love and always will be when I remember the significant role you played in the births of Chloe and Andrew. I liked it much better when you were in charge;-)  Sharon, Deer Park, mother of Andrew born on June 12, 2013