Clients2I had Shannon as my midwife with my forth baby and first natural delivery. I loved my experience. Shannon listened to my concerns and set my mind at rest. I always felt free to make my own choices. When I was unsure I trusted Shannon’s knowledge and humble confidence. I had three hospital births pain free with epidurals and I absolutely prefer my natural experience with Shannon over them all. I would love to have Shannon deliver my next baby. A Year Later: Tomorrow will be to busy so I wanted to share today. A year ago tomorrow you helped bring this miracle into the world. I loved my experience but today I think about hers. As she entered the world for the first time she wasn’t taken away from her mother, stuck with needles, or bruised by forceps. Every time I see her her crown I am filled with good memories of her birth. With my other two before her born at the hospital I had bad memories. I am so thankful for you. You will always hold a place in my heart. After that day I have considered birth beautiful. Sharon, Deer Park, mother of Chloe born on August 5, 2011