The minute I discovered I was pregnant, I knew I’d be calling Shannon. (I did not know I’d be getting Rowan as a bonus!!) Knowing about Shannon’s background in a maternity home, as a doula, and as a doula trainer, as well as having met several doulas she had trained, 6 Week PPI was looking so forward to having her guidance through my first home birth with my fifth baby. I was not surprised by her professionalism–as I said, her reputation has preceded her–but her warmth and candor so out-shined any care I had ever received. Every visit was a thorough review of how my pregnancy was going, of how I was doing emotionally, reminders of how to best care for myself and my baby, and reassurance in the process. There was always time to talk–she never made me feel rushed. And when I was at the end of my pregnancy and struggling to keep anxiety in check, she listened and helped me to stay positive and patient. And of course, at my birth she was calm, watchful, meticulous, and patient. She used her deep knowledge to help me bring my baby all the way through birth and into my arms. She and Rowan were the dream team–I could not have had better midwives or friends for this season of my life.  Stephi, Katy, mother of Stella born June 1, 2016