“We have gone through two pregnancies with Shannon and I am so grateful that we chose her to be our midwife. This amazing woman has truly found her calling in life. After somewhat of an emotionally traumatic birth with our first born, she spent so much time counseling me through my fears and encouraging me throughout our second pregnancy. I cannot thank her enough. With the fast and furious birth of our second child, the birth team was not able to arrive on time. Not only was she my midwife, she stepped into place as my doula as well. We are so grateful for such a talented and knowledgeable midwife and it truly feels as though we have struck gold. She encourages informed decisions and respects/advocates parental rights. She goes above and beyond in every way, and truly lives and breathes her work and the care of her patients. I don’t know how this superwoman finds time to do everything she does! I also love the prenatal birth group she hosts every month in her home. I thought that was a really great place to gain information and chat with people about the monthly topic. (From cloth diapering, essential oils, baby wearing, positioning, postpartum, breastfeeding etc…) I am constantly impressed and feel continually blessed that she is our midwife. I cannot say enough good things about Shannon! Thank you for all that you do! We love you! Can’t wait to have our next baby under your care.” Christine, Spring, mother of Huntelaar and Bastiaan, born November 5, 2015 and August 24, 2017