• Testimonial #50

    I LOVE LOVE LOVE Shannon!! She is so supportive and caring. I suffer from depression and was having the hardest time in my life during my latest pregnancy. Shannon constantly asked how I was feeling, gave suggestions, and was available really whenever I needed her. She also held me accountable for reading my birthing books, watching my videos, and doing my birthing class (which I really needed)! You just can’t get that from a doctors office!! God willing, when we have more children we will be using Shannon!! I used to think childbirth was just something that you did whatever the doctor told you, now I know there is a different way, a better way for us. My postpartum and recovery was so much better this go around. And Shannon has continued to be amazing. My son had surgery at 6 days old, Shannon was texting and following up the whole time! She knew I wanted to breastfeed and supported me throughout the entire process, especially with the surgery. I could not have done it without her! And now my son is 6 months old and we are STILL EXCLUSIVELY BREASTFEEDING!!!! I recommend natural childbirth to everyone now. My mom and sisters tell people our story at least weekly. Shannon literally changed my life!” Courtney, Magnolia, mother of Indy born on August 31, 2016


  • Testimonial #49

    “I found Shannon down-to-earth, funny, knowledgeable, and very professional in her care of us, from our first appointment, through our homebirth after Caesarean (HBAC). She coached us on baby positioning, and I felt confident of her ability to help us through any difficulties in labor.  She gave advice on everything from foods to eat, to how best to sit, and which exercises would help me be as prepared as possible. I recommend her without hesitation or qualm. She’s fabulous!”  Melody, Magnolia, mother of Peter born on December 19, 2016

  • Testimonial #48

    Family of 3“I cannot put into words how grateful we are for Shannon and her care. She was recommended to us by our Doula and the minute we met with Shannon, I knew we had found our midwife and were in good hands.  I was always looking forward to our appointments, and am amazed by the level of care Shannon provides. Not just for mother and child, but the whole family, on a physical and psychological level.
    Somebody wrote in their review that being in Shannon’ s care was so great, they’d consider having another child, and I have to agree!!! I have her number saved, backed up twice, and written down for future reference. Additionally, her midwife in training, Rowan, was incredible. Always made us feel at ease and offered great advice. When she held my hand during what would have been a potentially uncomfortable exam, it made all the difference and just so much more bearable. I will miss seeing both of them, but they will always be a part of our little family.” Friederike, Spring, mother of Thomas born on November 22, 2016

  • Testimonial #47

    It's a Boy!“My husband and I have experienced TRIPLE the blessings now that we’ve just had our THIRD birth (of four) with Shannon from A Sacred Journey! Our first birth left me feeling uneasy about being back in the hospital for something that proved my body was functioning exactly as it should, and having found Shannon made all the difference in the world for our second birth. Her patience during that [34 hour] labor won us over, but even more so her breadth of knowledge and practical ideas for working through different situations gave us the confidence to persevere. Having such a distinctly new labor pattern (less than nine hours) for our third birth was a surprise, and it was a blessing to have Shannon beside us to keep us calm, breathing, coping, and moving right along! Our fourth birth was absolutely amazing and peaceful, and that’s in very large part due to her calm and caring demeanor. She has the spirit of a humble handmaid and the expertise and wisdom of someone far beyond her years. Her prenatal care is thorough and attentive, and during the labors and births, I just can’t imagine more personalized and focused care! Thank you, Shannon, for all that you’ve poured into our experiences of amazingly beautiful pregnancies and births!”  Laura, Pearland, mother of Dominic born September 12, 2016

  • Testimonial #46

    “I’ve been attempting to write this out over the past 5 months. Each time I’ve tried, the words haven’t conveyed my feelings about Shannon and our experience as her patients.

    My first encounter with Shannon was a rough one. I had heard her name when I first found out I was pregnant and was asking around about midwives and birth centers. Everyone I spoke to said she was THE best midwife in the North Houston area. But she was also pregnant and due around the same time so it didn’t look like she would be able to be our midwife.  I was reading through birth center testimonials a week later when a mutual friend of ours contacted me and said that Shannon had had a miscarriage and was available to help with our birth. I was stunned. I couldn’t understand how anyone could feel that kind of loss and continue helping others to have beautiful births and babies while mourning the loss of her own. That night I talked with my husband and told him “She’s either the strongest woman on the planet, or shes crazy. I think we should talk to her.” I contacted Shannon and asked her a few questions, we set up an appointment so that we could meet and decide if we wanted to birth with her. At our meeting, we asked all of the typical questions… is it safe, what do we do if there is an emergency, what happens if you can’t make it, etc. I have never felt so comfortable putting my safety and trust in someone else’s hands. She answered every question thoroughly and honestly. I left that appointment with the perfect midwife for my perfect birth.

    Then I lost my baby. Shannon was so supportive. She walked me through what was going to happen, (being prepared helps calm my anxiety) and was there for me through the entirety. She would call or text to check on me even long after the actual miscarriage had passed. She wasn’t just concerned for my physical well being, but my emotional state as well.

    She is here!A couple months later I noticed I was more hormonal than normal and decided to take a pregnancy test. It was positive. I immediately texted Shannon and asked if it could be residual hormones from the miscarriage. She said it wasn’t likely and asked me to take another test… I took 4. All positive. I was pregnant again. I couldn’t breathe. I was so scared to get excited or celebrate, I just knew I would “jinx it”. After an ultrasound and then another and then a couple visits with Shannon and hearing my baby’s heartbeat on the doppler, I finally took a breath.
    To say that Shannon was there for us through my pregnancy is such an understatement. She helped us find a birthing class and gave us advice on choosing a Doula. She was always available for questions and talked me down when I would worry. Overall my pregnancy was pretty smooth. Our appointments were fun, and Shannon was great with our 2 year old being there for all appointments.
    When it came time for our birth, she was a fantastic support. Her team was phenomenal and took care of everything to help me have the birth that I had envisioned and bond with my baby immediately after. She helped me move through positioning to move our birth along, but listened to me and respected my instincts as well. She delayed cutting the cord and allowed me to breastfeed before taking the baby to do measurements, and made sure we were both clean, cozy and sleepy before she left us for the night.
    I could not be happier with our experience with Shannon as our midwife. She has become not just an awesome midwife, but a friend, and a role model. (In case you were wondering, she IS in fact the strongest woman on the planet.) I would, and do recommend her to everyone I know. If you’re considering birthing with a midwife please take the time to chat with her. I could never imagine my birth with anyone else, and I am so incredibly thankful for the paths that made it possible.” Crystal, Spring, mother of Amelia, born on June 15, 2016



  • Testimonial #45

    First Moments“I can not express enough how much Shannon means to me. She made my whole pregnancy and birth experience amazing. My prenatal appointments were always something I looked forward to, and she always made me feel like I was her one and only patient. Anytime I had ANY questions or concerns, she responded very quickly, making me feel cared for and helped ease all my worries. She’s very thorough, organized and professional. I wouldn’t hesitate recommending her to any one looking into a homebirth, I can’t rave about her enough! If I ever have any other children, there’s no doubt that Shannon is who I would use again. (Almost makes me want to have another, just so I can walk this journey with her again. Almost, but not really. Lol.)  Also, Shannon’s apprentice, Rowan, and her assistant, Hunter, were a wonderful ‘bonus’ I got with my birth. They are both incredible ladies, that made everything that much better. Seriously, my birth team was the dream birth team. I can’t thank them all enough!” Sarah, Spring, mother of Mila born on November 2, 2016


  • Testimonial #44

    “Where do I even begin? I started care with Shannon late in my third trimester. As a first time mama,  I didn’t want just anyone.  I needed to know that this person would have my best interest in heart, that I would be listened to,  and given a chance for my body to do what it was created to do. Shannon is this,  and way much more. I loved her instantly. She is professional, organized and yet makes you feel like you are the most important person to her.  She is so attentive to your needs in appointments and even over texts which seem like they might be the most ridiculous questions.  They are never ridiculous to her. She goes above and beyond the call of duty. I cannot recommend her enough and I tell everyone about her. I feel like she was a gift to us through our journey, and our experience and lives have been enriched from encountering her. I know yours will be too if you choose to walk this Sacred Journey with Shannon.” Tania, Houston, mother of Hezekiah born on September 9, 2015

  • Testimonial #43

    I have only the highest respect and regard for Shannon. I met her over 5 years ago and she supported me through a successful VBAC at the hospital of my choice as my doula (I was dealing with tons of fear and PTSD at the time). Dottie 6 Week PPNot only that, but her consistently humble-but-bold spirit of teaching and empowerment helped my husband and I understand common pitfalls of pregnancy and birth choices these past few years. We chose to HBAC this spring with Shannon as our midwife (including Rowan her assistant/apprentice) and I could not have been more supported or safe. Her knowledge is expansive and holistic beyond any OBGYN or midwife I’ve ever met, including husband/partner care, emotional well-being, diet/nutrition, and more. When she didn’t know about my specific adrenal needs, you’d better believe she went and found out everything she could put her fingers on. She’s practically OCD without ever being a fear-monger. She doesn’t let her passion for safe homebirth ever outweigh actual needs for transfers to hospital settings. She is a true leader, allowing my needs and voice to be heard. Thanks Shannon, for all you do. I truly appreciate you. Dottie, Houston, mother of Cierra born on April 3, 2016

  • Testimonial #42

    The minute I discovered I was pregnant, I knew I’d be calling Shannon. (I did not know I’d be getting Rowan as a bonus!!) Knowing about Shannon’s background in a maternity home, as a doula, and as a doula trainer, as well as having met several doulas she had trained, 6 Week PPI was looking so forward to having her guidance through my first home birth with my fifth baby. I was not surprised by her professionalism–as I said, her reputation has preceded her–but her warmth and candor so out-shined any care I had ever received. Every visit was a thorough review of how my pregnancy was going, of how I was doing emotionally, reminders of how to best care for myself and my baby, and reassurance in the process. There was always time to talk–she never made me feel rushed. And when I was at the end of my pregnancy and struggling to keep anxiety in check, she listened and helped me to stay positive and patient. And of course, at my birth she was calm, watchful, meticulous, and patient. She used her deep knowledge to help me bring my baby all the way through birth and into my arms. She and Rowan were the dream team–I could not have had better midwives or friends for this season of my life.  Stephi, Katy, mother of Stella born June 1, 2016

  • Testimonial #41

    Before I got pregnant I knew that I wanted an out of hospital birth. I am terrified of needles and I knew exactly the kind of birth I wanted. I had been researching for years and knew that at a hospital it would likely be a fight and that was the last thing I wanted to worry about while bringing a life into the world. I called ALL the area midwives and made lists and charts. I had a top 3. The day I found out I was pregnant I called Shannon and I just knew she was the one for me. I always had such a connection with her. Prenatal appointment were always something I looked forward to! When the time came to push this baby out it was everything I had hoped for.. Thanks in large part to Shannon! She made sure that all of my birth plan was followed including saying, “I’d tap that” to help me feel beautiful. She also remembered to have my doula play, “Eye of the Tiger” while I was pushing and didn’t even mind listening to it for hours on repeat! She was absolutely amazing I HIGHLY recommend her!  Melody, Katy, mother of Harmony born September 23, 2015.