• Testimonial #30

    When I think about the birth experience I was fortunate enough to share with Shannon, I am flooded with fond memories of a magical afternoon that culminated with the arrival of my beautiful baby boy! While the thought of that day brightens my heart, it is truly the birth journey and not just the destination that was important to me. And boy does Shannon know how to travel! ;D From beginning to end, I felt like Shannon guided me through this experience in an informed and exciting manner that had me looking forward to each visit! I felt empowered to choose my own adventure and supported through the decisions I made.  Shannon is more than a midwife…she’s an educator, a nutritionist, a holistic practitioner, a therapist and a friend. She has developed and nurtured a beautiful community of engaged families that become extensions of her own direct services.  May you be as lucky as I was to have Shannon attend your birth!  Ashleigh, Spring, mother of Ulysses born May 15, 2014

  • Testimonial #29

    Shannon is amazing. I switched over to her after/around 20 weeks. From the first meeting you can feel how warm and caring she is. Any questions I had no matter what time of day she had the answers to help sooth me. She helped me though my worries. My husband wasn’t on the bandwagon of a home birth at first but now would recommend it to anyone thinking about having children. She is an amazing person and care provider. Shannon helped me have the home birth i never thought i’d be able to have. Even postpartum she is still there when you have questions or concerns.  Amanda, Tomball, mother of Nikki born December 1, 2014

  • Testimonial #28

    I met Shannon after moving to Texas at 37 weeks pregnant with baby #4. I had researched so much about homebirth with baby #3 but unable to convince my husband I had another hospital birth, when surprise baby #4 came along, I was determined to have a natural home water birth.  Moving so late in my pregnancy almost destroyed my dream of a homebirth, I searched all over Houston for a midwife who would be willing to take me on so late in my pregnancy. I knew the instant I talked to Shannon she was “the one”, she completely understood my passion,  my huge desire and determination for a homebirth. I felt cared for and understood by her from our first meeting, she never made me feel rushed, she answered every question with a detailed answer and she was always happy to see me and my 3 older children. I never felt like a patient walking into Shannon’s home, I always felt like a friend, she is the most caring and compassionate woman I have ever met. The day I went into labor she was in constant contact with me, she came to my home quickly after I wanted her to come, she walked in while I was having a contraction, she stood quietly waiting for it to pass, then asked how I was feeling as I was getting into the pool. I told Shannon I was having a lot of back pain so she applied counter pressure during every contraction until she had to catch my baby. She talked to me, between contractions telling me exactly what was happening. I was so relaxed and comfortable because of her during my labor. When my daughter came earthside we discovered she was posterior and that was the reason for my back pain. Shannon was wonderful, I am thankful everyday that our paths crossed, I learned very quickly that Shannon will always be a part of my life, she is a great friend and will do anything to help you out, and I would do anything for Shannon! I am honored to call her my friend. Tamie, Hockley, mother of Dorothy born July 30, 2014

  • Testimonial #27

    My husband and I have experienced double the blessings now that we’ve just had our second birth (of three) with Shannon from A Sacred Journey! Our first birth left me feeling uneasy about being back in the hospital for something that proved my body was functioning exactly as it should, and having found Shannon made all the difference in the world for our second birth. Her patience during that [34 hour] labor won us over, but even more so her breadth of knowledge and practical ideas for working through different situations gave us the confidence to persevere. Having such a distinctly new labor pattern (less than nine hours) for our third birth was a surprise, and it was a blessing to have Shannon beside us to keep us calm, breathing, coping, and moving right along! She has the spirit of a humble handmaid and the expertise and wisdom of someone far beyond her years. Her prenatal care is thorough and attentive, and during the labors and births, I just can’t imagine more personalized and focused care! Thank you, Shannon, for all that you’ve poured into our experiences of amazingly beautiful pregnancies and births!  Laura, Pearland, mother of Vincent born September 15, 2014

  • Testimonial #26

    I transferred to Shannon in the middle of my second pregnancy. My former midwife was not able to work with us for financial reasons and I was tired of seeing an OB who had clearly no intentions to respect my wishes to birth naturally. From the first time I met Shannon at the consultation, I knew she would be my midwife. I didn’t need to think about it or interview anyone else. She made me feel safe. Shannon is a kind, knowledgeable midwife. Throughout my prenatal visits I always felt comfortable to tell her anything that was on my mind. She always took the time to answer all my questions and explained everything in detail. She listened. When I went into labor, she was at my house right away and she never, not once made me feel pressured into anything I didn’t want to do. She was very supportive and caring. I had a very fast labor and she gave me great advice as far as positions and things to do to get baby to engage. During the whole birth she was always there with me without being overbearing which was really important to me because I don’t like having a lot of people around during my births. After baby was born, she was prepared and acted quickly when I started losing a lot of blood. I absolutely love her as a person and as a midwife, and could not imagine having anyone else for my future pregnancies.  Fressia, Cypress, mother of Tatum born April 5, 2014

  • Testimonial #25

    My first son was born via unnecessary cesarean in 2010, I knew before I left the hospital that was something I never wanted to do again. Late 2013, we discovered we were expecting our 2nd. My journey to VBAC had begun. I spent the first half of my pregnancy leaving doctors offices feeling defeated and we knew we had to find a better way. We decided we would have a home birth and Shannon would be the midwife to help deliver our baby. I immediately felt the stress melt away. I now had a provider I trusted and could talk to. I always looked forward to our appointments and always left the appointments confident and excited. Our birth was everything we could have hoped and more. We know we made the right choice in hiring Shannon and would do it all over again in a heartbeat.  Christine, Bryan, mother of Charles Elliott born August 3, 2014

  • Testimony #24

    I first met Shannon when I was around 16 weeks pregnant with my “surprise”. I had my daughter naturally at a birth center by our old house and knew I wanted the same for this baby. But we had recently moved and I knew that birth center was too far for us, considering how fast our daughter came into this world. I was curious about home birth, never thought about it before. I found Shannon online and decided to email her about it. We chatted via email for a bit, and then met up with her and my husband. My husband was scared to do a home birth after I had bad post-partum bleeding and fainted after my daughter was born. After meeting her, she put our fears to rest. Shannon and I emailed a bit after our meeting and we finally made the decision to go with her and a home birth. We have never regretted our decision! She was truly the best in the business and I am still thankful to this day for her kindness, honesty, her generosity, and the way that she truly cares about her patients, as real people and moms. She has been such an amazing influence in my life, not only regarding pregnancy and birth, but in so many other areas of my life. I know I can always count on her to help me with advice if I need it, and every day, I count my lucky stars and God that I found this amazing woman! Even almost one year after my son was born, I still chat with her and ask her a million questions, because she is a true friend and an amazing person, as well as resourceful and helpful! There is nothing that I wouldn’t do to return the favor to her, and I’m so glad that she is still a part of our lives. There are truly no words to really describe how wonderful she is, and I will never stop referring her to any soon to be mommas that I cross paths with.  Shauna, Cypress, mother of Coltin born on August 14, 2013

  • Testimony #23

    There are no words to express how blessed I am to have found such an incredible midwife. The first time I met Shannon, I knew that she would be my healthcare provider. I had gone to a birthing center for an interview there and while it was a beautiful facility, it still felt cold and just not what I wanted. I decided to look into homebirth and the name that kept appearing when I asked for suggestions was Shannon. Shannon welcomed not only me into her practice, but my entire family. My daughter came with me to every appointment and when she wanted to, she got to help find baby’s heartbeat and measure my belly. My husband met Shannon after I had decided she was going to be my midwife and instantly understood why I knew she was “the one”. Shannon is not only an incredibly patient and understanding person, but she is knowledgeable and kind. This was my second midwife attended birth, my first home birth, and the difference between birth experiences is like night and day. To be in the comfort of my own home, knowing I am being attended to by someone I know and trust made my birthing experience so different. Shannon was there to ease my every worry (and yes, there are even worries on the second baby…and I bet on the third and fourth as well!) She was there for me when I needed her to listen and became more than a midwife, she became a friend. When I was in labor with my son, Shannon was there by my side, watching steadfast as I went on my journey to bring baby earthside. I never felt pushed, I never felt pressured, but I always felt supported. If I am in need of a midwife again – I won’t have to look far.  Lorena, Cypress, mother of Griffin born on January 13, 2014

  • Testimony #22

    When we were looking for a midwife, Shannon’s name kept coming up in the same sentence with words like “amazing” and “awesome.” I knew I wanted her as my care provider the first time we met. Shannon is so caring and compassionate. I felt safe and cared for every step of the way. She shared her vast knowledge with us, set us up to succeed, and empowered me to have the birth I wanted.  Kacy, Cypress, mother of Joel born on January 22, 2014

  • Testimony #21

    Shannon is incredible. I met her very early in my twin pregnancy when I was considering a midwife and she quickly became my adviser and confidante for all things pregnancy! Then I found out I was having twins and we decided to go the OB route (at first). Shannon took us on as a doula client and was available to us basically 24/7 throughout my whole pregnancy. She reassured me through fears, gave me incredible information and advice and eventually, we when decided to pursue a home birth for our twins, came on as on of our midwives. In Shannon we found incredible caring, understanding and empathy. She has been a key component in helping me process my birth experience and continues to follow up with interest in our family. I am now blessed to not only consider her my full time midwife for future needs but to also call her friend. She is an awesome resource for the natural birth community and through her I have made so many wonderful friends and connections for things birth related and general natural parenting. We love you Shannon.  Angela, Cypress, mother of Rory and Patrick born on February 2, 2014