• Testimony #20

    We came on as a client with Shannon at 36 weeks pregnant. My husband and I felt instantly connected to her on a personal level and the more we talked, the more comfortable we felt with her attending our birth. She has a peaceful spirit that provides comfort at ever prenatal appointment and through birthing. She has the knowledge and skill to handle anything birthing ‘throws’ her way. She stayed with me through my entire 19 hours of active labor with constant support and affirmation. I know that God provided her for us and that we would not have had the beautiful homebirth had she not been our midwife.  Emily, Houston, mother of Lucy born on August 17, 2013

  • Testimonial #19

    I had Shannon as a midwife for my very first birth. Within moments of meeting her for the first time I felt a strong pull at my heart and knew that God had led me and my husband to her for a reason. I felt an instant connection with her sweet and nurturing personality and was thrilled to find out how open she was to my “list” of crazy questions and requirements for how I wanted my birth to go. We hired her before we even interviewed anyone else! Shannon is so knowledgeable and graciously addressed all of my concerns throughout my pregnancy. I absolutely love how encouraging she is of communication and how available she makes herself for her patients. Shannon has a beautiful gift from God to care for and encourage women in a very vulnerable time in their lives. She became my mentor and my friend. She brought out strength and confidence in me that I wasn’t aware I had. Shannon encouraged me and made me feel like a beautiful, strong warrior. I will cherish and hold onto this growth for the rest of my life. It has already made me a better woman, wife and mother and I can never thank her enough. But most importantly, she helped me bring my precious baby girl into this world in a safe and loving environment. She supported me every step of the way and then some. Not only is Shannon an incredible midwife but she is an incredible person! Tabetha, Conroe, warrior mother of Avery born on January 10, 2014

  • Testimonial #18

    Having Shannon as our midwife was such a blessing. When we first found out we were expecting baby number two we knew we wanted a home birth. But we just didn’t know how we would pay for it. We called Shannon to set up a meeting but then decided we could not afford it. I ended up seeing the same Dr. that I saw with my first. With my first I was GBS+ and the case was the same with this one. They told me that because I had GBS at the beginning of this pregnancy they would not test again and had not given me any other options but to have antibiotics. I did not feel in control of this birth process and my husband was very supportive so we decided to call Shannon again even though we did not know how we would pay her. She was so sweet! We instantly felt at peace with her and she was willing to work with us which was a major blessing. My husband and I definitely felt that Shannon wanted to encourage me on my labor journey. She helped make this birthing experience so exciting and peaceful. We will be going back to her for our future births!  Alicia, Spring, mother of Olivia born on January 29, 2014

  • Testimonial #17

    We transferred out care to Shannon at the beginning of our third trimester from another midwife. This was our third baby with the previous two being hospital born and epidurals. I’ve never transferred care before and was worried about doing it so ‘late’ but I could not be happier about that decision! Immediately we felt a greater connection and Shannon eased any of our worries and answered any questions we had. She made the transfer of care smooth! Once we were in her care she got started planning. We knew my labor would be fast and she was on the ball! We went over my birth plan and how I envisioned our special day. She helped us make sure everything was perfect and how I planned. We wanted a water birth by the fireplace and that’s what we got! It was beautiful. I labor very fast and our baby was born less than 30 minutes after Shannon’s arrival. However, she NEVER missed a beat. She immediately got the ball rolling once she got there and knew we were going into delivery mode. Being a nurse, I’ve had the concept of ‘critical thinking’ drilled into my head over the past few years. I can say without a doubt that Shannon’s critical thinking was on point and she was always 2 steps ahead of my labor and delivery even with as quickly as it was moving. I would recommend Shannon to anyone who is considering having a home delivery, or any type of delivery. She was amazing and will be our definite ‘Go to’ the next time we become pregnant!  Shanna, Magnolia, mother of Juno born on December 31, 2013

  • Testimonial #16

    I transferred to Shannon at the beginning of my third trimester during my first pregnancy. That was one of the best decisions I have made. My first appointment with her I automatically felt comfortable with her. She is very smart and knows so much about pregnancy, birth, and postpartum. She is very calm and explains everything very thoroughly which was huge for me being 17 and having high anxiety. I love the fact that you can Facebook message her or text her at anytime and she responds very quickly. I had so many questions during my pregnancy and she never had a problem answering them no matter how many I asked a day. Today at 1 month postpartum she still answers any questions I have. At my birth she was amazing. I wasn’t handling the pain very well toward the end and wanted to transfer but she kept encouraging me and telling me I could do it. I did at home thanks to her encouraging me. I trust Shannon so much and look forward to her delivering my other babies down the road. She is amazing!  Shelby, Cypress, mother of Brantley born on January 17, 2014

  • Testimonial #15

    I had a difficult labor and delivery with my first child; I was uneducated regarding childbirth, and as a result of that, I felt totally out of control. The more that I educated myself about the birthing process, and realized the importance of feeling safe and comfortable during my birthing time, the more interested I became in having a home birth. After having seen an OB for more than 30 weeks of pregnancy, I began searching for a midwife. Shannon was the first one that I spoke to. I immediately felt a connection to her, she was so friendly! After doing more research, Shannon’s name kept coming up again and again, so I decided to meet with her. She answered any questions that I had and I felt very secure in my decision. It was a world of difference from the “care” that I was receiving from my OB. Shannon organizes various events that allow her patients to meet one another. I really enjoyed bonding with the other moms and getting to know Shannon on a more personal level. I loved that I could text her with any question and would always receive a prompt response. Shannon made sure that I was educated regarding any decisions involving my pregnancy and birthing time, but all decisions were ultimately mine to make. Thanks to Shannon, I had an incredible home water birth. I am so grateful to have found her and look forward to seeing her throughout any subsequent pregnancies. She is a beautiful person and an amazing midwife, and I wouldn’t think of having another baby without Shannon there by my side!  Melissa, Cypress, mother of Elodie born on September 27, 2013

  • Testimonial #14

    I couldn’t be happier about my decision to have Shannon as my midwife. She is intuitive, and very knowledgeable. Shannon gave my husband and I all the information we needed to make informed choices, but she was totally respectful of our wishes and never pushed anything on us. I always felt I could trust her. When a transfer became necessary during labor, Shannon stayed with us in the hospital until after the baby was born and made sure he latched to the breast. I felt safe and protected with her there. She was like our guardian angel; I don’t know what we would’ve done without her! Even though things didn’t go as planned, Shannon took care of us, and still takes care of us, and we love her!  Kelly, Webster, mother of James IV born on February 8, 2013

  • Testimonial #13

    I was going to write in letter form but this makes more since. Haha When I sit here thinking of the significance of the journey you walked us through its bringing tears to my eye’s. I appreciated that you are very knowledgeable and professional. After the births and one miscarriage with ob/gyns I learned the value of a professionals time. Every time we met I noticed that you didn’t look at the clock. I never expected or took for granted the time you invested in our family. I was always touched by your genuine concern. Many times I became emotional or stressed and I appreciate your patience with me. My births have been text book and I love that you still cared about what I desires for my birth and didn’t belittle the simplicity of my births. When I felt concerned about anything like size, blood sugar or anything after I talked to you I felt so much better. If you ever chose a different career I would think a counselor was right up your ally. I’m never going to forget how quickly you showed up when I needed you most. I am amazed at your ability to provide for your patients no matter what you are facing in your personal life. This is a calling and a gift for you it’s very clear. I believe that God brought you into our lives. I continue to be amazed by your instincts, knowledge and ability to just know everything during my birth. I know that I could be a pain in the butt however you never made me feel like it. I’m sad that I don’t have a picture of you during my labor or birth but like Ronnie said may be next time I still can’t get over the fact that I had three babies before I learned that I could have such a wonderful experience. That I could have been treated with respect and dignity. My heart is full of love and always will be when I remember the significant role you played in the births of Chloe and Andrew. I liked it much better when you were in charge;-)  Sharon, Deer Park, mother of Andrew born on June 12, 2013

  • Testimonial #12

    I met Shannon at the birth of my first son. She was an apprentice at a birth center. I immediately felt connected to her. There is just something about her. She is just so full of love and wisdom. Who wouldn’t feel a connection? So when I became pregnant I didn’t hesitate to ask her to be my midwife for my VBAC. The care I received from her was simply amazing. It never felt like I was going for a check up more like I was going to meet a friend. Appointments with Shannon was something I would look forward to. Even now 3 months post partum I love to find any excuse for a visit. For my birth she was an amazing. Exceeding all my expectation! On day 4 of labor I decided to transfer to Ben Taub. I never felt pressured and she discussed all of our options. She made sure we were confident in our decision. She stayed with us the entire time. My birth didn’t go as planned but I don’t regret any moment of it. Birth takes on its own path. Her care did not end there. I had some unexpected obstacles (not baby related) that would put any person in depression let alone a new mother. She helped me in ways I couldn’t even began to explain. I am so blessed to have her as my midwife and my friend.  Casey, League City, mother of Caleb born on September 10, 2013

  • Testimonial #11

    After having 2 c-sections. my husband and I were looking for something different. We interviewed several midwives around town, some by phone, some by email and some in person. The first time Shannon emailed me back, I cried. She was the first person who had been 100% encouraging to me in my quest for a VBAC after 2 surgical births. After my husband and I met her, my heart was warmed because of how she interacted with us, our children and her own children, who were having an interesting day! My third pregnancy was a whirlwind and a test of my ability to let go. Shannon was there through it all with her smile, sympathy, and, most importantly, her prayers. At 36 weeks, when I had a final ultrasound assessment, I think we both cried the same tears of joy. She was such a peaceful presence through my labor and home delivery and completely encouraging after our baby was born and things did not go quite perfectly. She was there for me and my husband through the next couple of weeks as well as we dealt with some extra healing issues and worries. What a blessing to me and my family to have found a kindred spirit to give exemplary care through the journey of growing our precious herd of boys! I will never regret a single choice that we made during this pregnancy, especially the choice to invite Shannon into our family as a caretaker and friend. Proud mommy of Daven born May 24, 2013, 9#1oz!  Caitlin, Tomball, mother of Daven born on May 24, 2013