I first met Shannon when I was around 16 weeks pregnant with my “surprise”. I had my daughter naturally at a birth center by our old house and knew I wanted the same for this baby. But we had recently moved and I knew that birth center was too far for us, considering how fast our daughter came into this world. I was curious about home birth, never thought about it before. I found Shannon online and decided to email her about it. We chatted via email for a bit, and then met up with her and my husband. My husband was scared to do a home birth after I had bad post-partum bleeding and fainted after my daughter was born. After meeting her, she put our fears to rest. Shannon and I emailed a bit after our meeting and we finally made the decision to go with her and a home birth. We have never regretted our decision! She was truly the best in the business and I am still thankful to this day for her kindness, honesty, her generosity, and the way that she truly cares about her patients, as real people and moms. She has been such an amazing influence in my life, not only regarding pregnancy and birth, but in so many other areas of my life. I know I can always count on her to help me with advice if I need it, and every day, I count my lucky stars and God that I found this amazing woman! Even almost one year after my son was born, I still chat with her and ask her a million questions, because she is a true friend and an amazing person, as well as resourceful and helpful! There is nothing that I wouldn’t do to return the favor to her, and I’m so glad that she is still a part of our lives. There are truly no words to really describe how wonderful she is, and I will never stop referring her to any soon to be mommas that I cross paths with.  Shauna, Cypress, mother of Coltin born on August 14, 2013