• S and M started care with me in the first trimester of S’s seventh pregnancy.  I had the honor of being S’s midwife for her last baby as well, and I was happy to be getting to work with her again.  You can read about that journey here. S has a history of macrosomic babies, […]

  • K and Z started care with me in the first trimester of their second pregnancy.  They had their first little guy with me, and I was happy to get the opportunity to work with them a second time.  You can read about their first birth journey here. When K reached out to me, she was […]

  • A and R started care with me in the first trimester of their fourth pregnancy.  This was the third journey for me to be on with them.  You can read about their previous journey’s here and here. A’s pregnancy progressed along with a few minor bumps.  At the beginning of the third pregnancy, A blacked […]

  • T and J started care with me in the first trimester of their second pregnancy.  T had previously had a home birth, but this was her first time with us. T’s pregnancy progressed along fairly uneventfully.  In the last weeks of pregnancy, her blood pressure became borderline high.  Chiropractic care helped keep her blood pressure […]

  • A and D started care with me in the first trimester of their second pregnancy.  They had their baby with me, and you can ready about that journey here. This pregnancy was filled with a lot of emotion.  A’s pregnancy came after an early second trimester loss a few months before.  The first few weeks […]

S and D started care with me in the first trimester of their fourth pregnancy.  I had the privilege of being S’s midwife for her three previous pregnancies.  You can read about those journey’s here, here, and here.

S’s pregnancy progressed along without issue just like the previous three.  As with her last, S was insistent she wanted me to give her herbs and a membrane sweep at 38 weeks, to try to get her into labor.  So we made plans for her to come over at 38 weeks to see what would happen.

S came over at 8am on June 2nd for labor encouragement.  Her cervix was 3cm dilated, 80% effaced, and baby at a -3.  I swept her membranes, and sent her with an herbal tincture to take for a bit while she went and ate breakfast and went for a walk.

Contractions began that morning, but were all over the place.  S had her doula stop by around 12pm to try lift and tucks, but nothing changed with them, and her doula did not think she was in labor.

S debated taking a nap, but decided around 2pm that a nap would not be happening, and she wanted to come see me for an exam and another sweep.

S same over about 230pm, and we repeated everything.  Her cervix was now 4cm dilated, 80% effaced, and baby at a -2 station.  Her contractions were coming every four minutes, and seemed mildly intense.  We decided I should try some lift and tucks in my office before sending S home.  After ten, S was getting antsy and moany with her contractions.  Since she lives very close, I sent her home with instructions to update me after the next 3-5 contractions, as I anticipated she would need me very soon.

I arrived at 330pm, and found S pacing her bedroom.  Active labor was definitely upon us, as S has a history of moving a lot when she is in the throes of active labor.

S bounced all over her bedroom.  Laboring on the toilet, then against the wall, before deciding she was running a bath.  While on the toilet, she exclaimed, “This f***** hurts!!!  I remember this (pain) from last time!!!”

As 4pm neared, S was laboring in the bath tub, yelling with contractions.  She was trembling from the throes of labor, and the water was giving some relief from the intensity of the labor.

S decided she wanted to get out of the tub around 410pm for a cervical exam.  S really likes cervical checks in labor!  I found her to be 7cm dilated, 100% effaced, and baby at a +1 station.  Things were definitely moving well.

After the exam, S hopped into the shower.  With her next contraction, she did a calm moan to help work through it.  After it had passed, S exclaimed, “I am trying to stay calm like one of those hypnobirthing people.”  I love her.  She is so fun and raw in labor.

It is is hard to put times to a lot of the remainder of labor, as S moves so fast.  At 619pm, S moved to laboring on her hands and knees in the shower.  At 421pm, she exclaimed that she needed to run around, and got out of the shower, moving all around the bedroom, while her doula provided counter pressure with contractions.

S’s water broke at 433pm.  She insisted on an exam, and was found to be 8cm and baby at a +2.

She was running around her bedroom, then dashed to the shower, before getting right back out again.  She made motion for the bedroom door.  We had a big policy because of S’s previous deliveries that she could not leave her room and endanger herself on the stairs outside her bedroom.  D slammed the door shut before she could do anything further.

She dashed to her bedroom, where she asked to be checked at 444pm.  She was 9cm, and baby at a +2.  Please note this, because 20 seconds later, the baby was crowning.  I was assisting my senior apprentice with delivery, but primarily having to hold S up to give her strength.  The baby was born 30 seconds later.

Welcome to the world, Kash!  Born earthside on June 2nd, 2019 at 445pm, weighing in at 7lbs 0 ozs, 20 inches long.  He was his mama’s quickest labor by far, the one she coped the best with, and the one his mama and hoped and prayed to go the way it did.  S screamed that she was a “bad a**” over and over.  She did amazing.

Thrilled that I have gotten to welcome all of these sweet kiddos earth side, and work with this sweet mama for all these years.  We are super close, and I look forward to the years to come with our relationship and watching these kiddos grow.


Birth Story of Emre

R and S started care with me in the first trimester of their first pregnancy.  I had the privilege of being S’s preceptor, and it was such an honor when she told me she wanted me to be her midwife for this journey.

S’s pregnancy progressed with some hurdles along the way, unfortunately.  At 33.0 weeks, we had an unexpected gap in appointments.  S talked with R, and we decided to do her appointment during the open spot in the schedule.  We soon discovered that S’s blood pressure was rising, she was holding on to a great deal of fluid as could be seen by her weight, and the decision was made to do some lab work and put S on modified bed rest.  No more clinic, no more births.  We talked about immediately starting an anti inflammatory diet, increasing supplements to help, and a couple other natural modalities.

Things maintained and lab work looked great.  A couple of weeks passed, and S sent me a text with an elevated home reading.  It was a weekend, so she came by to see me and went into the lab for labs.

S saw my CNM friend for an appointment in the event that a hospital birth would be needed.  The appointment went well, and since we were two days away from being safe for a home birth, we were hopeful we could get labor going and not have to worry about further issues with blood pressure, and the risks that has for pregnancy.

S came over the morning of August 10 for a full labor encouragement.  She was 3cm dilated, 70% effaced, and baby at a -2 station.  She was feeling some contractions and cramping anyway, so we were hopeful a membrane sweep and herbs would do the trick.  Baby was LOA at this point, which is important to note as we work through his journey earth side!  I sent S and R out to go for a walk, and we made plans for them to return that evening for a follow up sweep if not in labor.

S and R came back that evening for a follow up sweep and herbs.  There was no cervical change, but S was experiencing mild contractions every 4 minutes, lasting 30 seconds.  I sent S with a 24 hour urine jug to start again the next day in the event labor did not begin, and made plans to see each other in 36 hours for blood work and another membrane sweep.

The next morning, August 11th, S texted me at 4am that she woke to her water breaking.  We thought that we would see this little guy sometime in the next 24 hours, but boy did he have other plans in store!

I was suppose to do a couple home visits after church, but with the way things were going, I decided to go do the home visits in place of church so that I was not far away when S needed me.

Once I finished the home visits, I stopped by to check in on S.  It was about 130pm when I arrived to check in.  S was experiencing uncomfortable contractions every 4 minutes, lasting 45 seconds long.  All vitals were fantastic.  In fact, S’s blood pressure was the best it had been in weeks during labor, which was super interesting!  I did an exam, and found her to be 4cm dilated, 100% effaced, and baby at a -1 station.  He was now ROT.  I sent our fantastic chiro, Dr Nora, a text about coming to adjust S to see if fixing baby’s position would get things more active.  I headed home, so that S and R could nap and work with their doula, with the plan I would try to meet back when Dr Nora would arrive.

I arrived back that evening around 8pm, when Dr Nora came to adjust S.  What a blessing to have such a lovely chiropractor to make after hours calls like this!  S’s contractions were coming every 4 minutes, lasting 60 seconds in length. S ate some soup after Dr Nora left.  Once she was ready, I did an exam.  Contractions were more intense now, and we were happy to find that S was now 5cm dilated, 100% effaced, and baby at a -1 station.  His little head was better applied to the cervix now, but I was feeling some caput.  Baby was now in an LOT position.

We entered the night of work!  S did some slow dancing with R, gently working through the work of contractions.  Her doula, J, recommended a few things to increase the strength of contractions which S decided to try.  The contractions definitely picked up in intensity.  At 1015pm, contractions were coming every 3 minutes, lasting 60 seconds in length.  S was feeling nauseous with the contractions, which we felt was an excellent sign.  She was alternating laboring on the toilet, standing.  She was being in tune with what her body needed in the moment.

S decided to lay down on her side at 1030pm to see if she could get some rest in between contractions.  She got some rest, but J and I noticed her contractions spaced to every 10 minutes while she was resting.  J went in and encouraged her to get up around midnight to try some active positions again.

S was ready to meet her baby, and talked to use about drinking castor oil.  She had already done various herbs, oils, and homeopathy, and wanted to try something different.  After reviewing risks and benefits, S decided to try it mixed with orange juice, and chugged it around midnight.

S decided to labor on the toilet, and then was ready to work.  J did lift an tucks with S for ten contractions to try to help rotation and make labor more active.  Contractions were 5-7 minutes, lasting 60 seconds after the lift and tucks.

S was tired, and decided she should get some rest, and J and I encouraged a good nap.  S layed down at 130am, and resting between the waves until 4am.

S agreed to a cervical check, and I found there had been no cervical change.  There was a lot more caput noted on baby’s head, and I kid you not, baby was now ROP.  What was he doing in there? It was very perplexing.  This kid was never in the same place twice!  I recommended S try open knee chest for 40 minutes to see if it would help with rotation.

S labored on her birth ball after open knee chest, snacking on grapes.  As the sun began to slowly rise, the emotions were increasing.  The contractions were painful, S was doing all the things.  S labored in hands and knees, and then alternated side resting in the bed.

I did an exam at 8am, and was so upset to have to say no change.  Baby was now LOP!  S was emotional.  We discussed a plan, and S wanted to throw everything else possible at it for the next two hours.  She drank more castor oil, and got to work. J had a circuit of positions she wanted to try to help rotate baby, and I began dosing with homeopathy to help rotate the posterior little guy.  S was incredibly strong, and such a trooper!!

10am came, and I had to give the news that the cervix was the same, and their was a tremendous amount of caput now on the head.  My recommendation was to transport.  Since S’s water had been broken over 24 hours, transfer options were so limited on where we could go and get pitocin and an epidural.  I had been in touch with my CNM friend, and we moved forward transporting to her.  However, she soon found out her back up was not available, and the on call would demand a cesarean.  We were back at square one.  After looking at options, J had a connection at Texas Children’s, and we opted to transport there.

S was in her l&d room at 1230pm.  Her exam in triage was the same as home.  Her epidural was administered at 1pm, which was a blessing to get some relief from the painful contractions she had been experiencing for over 24 hours.

One of the blessing moments was that the two male residents that came to ask admit questions around 2pm had both experienced home births with their wives.  They were very kind, compassionate, and understanding that this is not where S wanted to be, and hoped the experience could still be honored and nice for her.

S was checked at 230pm while they placed an IUPC and catheter.  She was 5cm, 90%, and baby at a -2.  S was able to get some rest.  J stepped out to her home which was very close for a shower and mini nap while I was there.

As the evening progressed, the scare tactics from the on call OB increased.  It was a very unprofessional event that went on over a period of time, with the doctor trying to scare her into consenting to a cesarean when it was not warranted.

At 630pm, S was exhausted and feeling conflicted.  She did not want to put her baby in danger, but also did not want an unnecessary cesarean.  S decided she wanted me to sneak an exam so she knew honestly if she had made any progress.

First, it is so weird doing an exam with so many wires.  It really messed with my head at first!  I felt all the way around, and then looked at S and said that I was fairly certain she was complete.  She felt like 10cm, 100% effaced, and baby at a 0/+1 position.

S was so encouraged.  Shift change was happening at 7pm, and she was going to ask the new OB to do an exam, and hopefully start pushing.

The on call OB was an angel.  She was so soft spoken, and so encouraging.  She did an exam about 8pm, and S started to push shortly after.

S pushed with so much power.  You never would have known she had an epidural or that it was her first baby.  She pushed with everything within her, and when the nurse or doctor would do an exam while pushing, you could see his head emerging under the pubic bone. The vagina spot light was brought down an hour into pushing, and we were all so happy that this was finally happening!!

S continued to push and push.  Around 10pm, she found the strength to move into hands and knees to push.  She pushed and pushed some more.

The OB came in at 1120pm, assessed the pushing, and had a heart to heart with S.  She had been pushing with power for over three hours.  The OB told her that her recommendation was a cesarean as the baby was not continuing to descend with pushing.  S cried, saying “I will push better.”  We all could not tell her enough how good, powerful, and effective her pushes were.

It was very emotional.  S was not just my client, she was my apprentice, and she was my friend.  This is emotional to walk with anyone, but we both cried over the broken journey and the gratitude that after 44 hours, she was finally going to meet her sweet baby.

Sweet Emre was born earth side August 13th, 2019 at 1230am, weighing in 6lbs 14ozs, 19.75 in long.  Her sweet reward was here.

It was found that Emre had a super short cord, and we guess that he turned so much trying to accommodate the space he had with the short cord, but did not have the length in his cord to help with the further descent needed for a vaginal delivery.

S was a powerhouse of strength.  The journey she was given was hard and not as planned.  I am so honored I got to be with her to support her through the hard journey.


Birth Story of Daphne

I was blessed to have worked with M and M two times before (you can read about those experiences here and here.)  So it was not a surprise to get a message from M soon after getting her positive pregnancy test.  The difference this time was that M and M had moved a distance away.  M has unique experiences at delivery, so finding a new midwife was daunting.  I mapped their new home, and found it was about 2.5 hours from me.  We chatted about options, and found a reasonable solution for M and M to still have me as their midwife.

M’s pregnancy progressed perfectly.  Her two previous home birthed babes came at 40.5 weeks, so we expected similar with this little one.  However, this little one tooted to her own horn, so 40.5 came and went with no signs of a baby ready to come.

We chatted through fears and concerns, and discussed things to try.

The evening of May 9th at 41.0 weeks, I was chatting with M for a check in, and let her know that a massive storm was about to hit our area, making it very difficult to get to her.  M then told me that she was pretty sure she was in the early stages of labor.  After discussing what she was experiencing and the weather outlook, the decision was made to go ahead and head to her.  However, by time my two apprentices made it to my place, it was torrential down pours and hail.  We could barely see the road for the first hour.  The normal 2.5 hour trip, took well over 3 hours!  That storm was something!

We arrived, and found M walking around her house laboring.  After doing initial vitals, M said she wanted to try some working positions.  Apprentice A did a series of lift and tucks with the rebozo to help this little one sit more on the cervix, and to make the contractions stronger.  M had a history of bigger babies, and it was helpful to be sure they stayed optimally positioned to make it easier.  After working for a couple hours, M decided to lay down around 1am, so the birth team decided to lay down as well and try to catch a nap.

Morning came, and M was up and ready to get this slow, nagging labor moving to get that baby in her arms!  We talked about some different things to try to get the contractions more active.  I did an exam, and found M to be 4cm dilated, 80% effaced, and baby at a -1 station.  Baby was sunny side up, which makes for an abnormal labor pattern, and more back pain.  One of the apprentices went to the store for parsley to make some tea,  while M prepped for a walk with M, and then another round of lift and tucks.

The switch flipped, and active labor contractions began at 830am.  After the walk, M spent a lot of time laboring in the kitchen, where we began another round of lift and tucks.  M was feeling shaky and tired, and sat on the birth ball in between, trying to build back energy.  M ate some breakfast, and did excellent with hydration. As intense as the contractions began to look that morning, we were all convinced that this little one was going to be born by lunch time, but again, this baby has her own idea of what her journey would be like.

Hours passed with contractions coming every 3-4 minutes, lasting over a minute in length, and strong in intensity.  M alternated between laying in her bed where she felt she could relax some, to sitting on her ball.  She was having a hard time finding strength to want to labor while standing.  Contractions seemed to be stronger when standing, and a bit weaker when sitting or laying down.

We started talking about a cervical exam that afternoon, as it had been several hours since we had done one, and all of us had expected to see M with a baby in her arms at this point.  M agreed to an exam a little after 3pm.  I found baby to be in an anterior position, and M to be 9.5cm dilated, 100% effaced, and baby at a +2 station.  Almost at the finish line!

And almost at the finish line we stayed!  M felt some pressure at the peaks, but her contractions began to space to as far as 10 minutes apart, but very strong when they came.  We tried to do a push holding back the cervical lip, but M did not feel okay with it.  So we labored on, waiting for the baby to tell M it was time.

M’s water broke at 430pm, and we thought for sure baby would decide to come barrelling earthside then, but alas, no.  This little one really wanted her mama to work!

With M, M, and myself in the room, we started the dialogue on emotional blocks.  M was having some fears this time that hadn’t happened in the previous deliveries.  We talked through some things, and gave M and M some space to talk through things alone. About 6pm, M shouted out the door that M was pushing with contractions.

M pushed and pushed.  For an hour and a half, she worked on pushing with all her might.  As we saw more of the baby’s head, you could see the baby twisting and turning and trying to find the best route to get out of the pelvis.  Mom and baby worked so hard together to get the baby out.  M did well at moving positions, and using gravity to help get baby down and out.  Finally, for mama’s sake, sweet baby girl was born at 728pm, with me helping M get the rest of her out once M used every bit of her strength to get the head and shoulders out.

Due to M’s history of postpartum hemorrhage, and our perfect working plan the last delivery, we immediately moved into controlling the yet to happen hemorrhage with getting the IV fluids started, and using prophylactic medications to get on top of bleeding.  Once again, our plan worked beautifully.

Welcome to the world, Daphne!  Born earthside on May 10th, 2019 at 728pm, weighing a whopping 9lbs 8ozs, M’s biggest baby!

There were several funny events that happened through out the labor that day that should be mentioned.

  1. The older girls were being watched by someone from church, and the older two girls and the friend went missing for hours.  The youngest woke from a nap when M was in transition, and none of us knew what to do!  haha
  2. Since the youngest was alone, she hung out with varying members of the birth team.  When she saw us getting gloves on, she needed gloves on too.  She had her play purse with all kinds of fun play jewelry, so she was decked out when she needed her gloves on to help.
  3. While doing M’s repair, one of the girls could not find her pillow at bed time and was upset.  It was a bit entertaining that I was repairing her laceration, while she was being Mom, yelling from her bed to her sweet kiddo on where her pillow would be.

Love this sweet family, and so thankful that I have gotten to work with them for three of their four deliveries.  By the third baby, it all begins to feel like family.  <3


As long as I know, I have been drawn into birth.  As a young child, my Barbie’s had a constant stream of pregnancies because I was fascinated with pregnancy!  When I was 12, I started baby sitting for family, and in that I ended up baby sitting a lot of babies, and found I loved everything involving pregnancy, birth, and babies.

I entered my high school years, I became interested in nursing.  I read about masters programs, and was fascinated that there was a midwifery program, and that midwives still existed.  I knew then that I would have to learn more about this before I had babies, and this began the process of midwifery becoming such a strong focus in my life.

I worked hard and got accepted into the nursing program mid year of my senior year of high school.  However, I became so scared about the concept of having to draw blood, that I dropped out of the program before I ever started.  It is so silly to think now, but that was the reality then.  I often wonder what things would have looked like if I had continued the path then, but I truly believe the journey wasn’t meant to begin yet, and things would look so different today if I had continued in my nursing journey path.

While in college, I volunteered at a pregnancy resource center, which aligned with my continual love of everything with pregnancy and babies!  I also was very involved with baby sitting for friends from church with young children, including being the baby sitter for one of my friends when she delivered her fourth.

Before I was married, I started to hear about this elusive, under ground home birth environment.  I am from Missouri, where home birth and midwifery were illegal when I was this age.  A friend had one of her children at home, and it was this very secretive process to even get a midwife’s phone number.  You had to jump through a number of hurdles to qualify for this process.  I was quite intrigued, and would remember this for years to come!

My husband and I married in 2005.  After a stent working in youth ministry out of state, we took a position as house parents at a maternity home for teens who were being pressured into an abortion and/or kicked out of there homes.  Our time there was insightful.  Two things came from that season.  One, I started my journey to become a doula in 2007 after supporting many teen mamas through their journey.  The second was there was no way on earth I was having a baby in the hospital!

I had my first baby several weeks early at a birthing center in 2008.  Although as a midwife now, I know he should have never been born out of hospital, I am so grateful for that journey.  I had a difficult pregnancy (although does not compare to my last pregnancy by any means) of nausea and crippling fatigue (that I discovered postpartum was an undiagnosed thyroid condition), followed by preterm labor and ultimately a late preterm delivery.  My birth was seamless and without complication.  It was empowering.  After I had my water birth, I knew I had to be a midwife.

My husband was not on board unfortunately.  We had some other things going on life, and he did not feel it was the right season.  I started my doula business, and read and researched continuously on all things birth!

My second baby followed two years later, another hard pregnancy, with weeks more of preterm labor, followed by a barely term delivery at 37 weeks at the birth center again.  His birth really solidified things for me.  I talked with my husband, and he said he would support me if I began the journey.

To be in this sacred line of work, it has to be a calling.  I talk and work with so many women who want to be doulas or midwives and so fully infatuated with birth, but then the first couple of births come, and they realize its hard.  You have to miss holidays and birthday parties.  You have to back out on obligations.  You may pour all your strength into a marathon birth, and get called that the next mama needs you.  You will miss a lot of sleep.  Some births pour from one day into the next.  Sometimes you may go 40+ hours without sleep.  Sometimes you give 150% of yourself to your clients, and they are still unhappy.  Birth work is not an easy work, but it is a calling you can not run from.  It is beautiful, sacred, powerful, miraculous.  It’s looking into a laboring mom’s eyes reminding her the power is within her when the war of transition rages on inside of her.  It’s the joy and empowerment that comes when a woman births her baby on her terms.  Midwifery is so much beyond words, and when truly called, the calling chases you.  It is a calling that is deep within, Christ ordained, and cannot be run from.  This is how you know you are called to this work.



G and E started care with me in the first trimester of their fifth pregnancy.  G had used my services and had a beautiful home birth with her previous child, which you can read about here.

G’s pregnancy progressed along as beautifully as her previous one.  I did the home visit at 36.6 weeks pregnant, and found G ready to go.  She was experiencing a lot of Braxton Hicks, and ready to start doing all the things to have a baby.  She requested an exam, and was 1cm dilated, 50% effaced, and baby at a -3 station.

Three days later, G called me in the middle of the night with painful, frequent, short contractions.  She did not think they could be labor, but they were causing a lot of pain.  She came over later that day when contractions had slowed, but were continuing.  Baby looked great, and G was now 2cm dilated, 80% effaced, and baby still at a -3 station.  We talked about things to do to try and allow rest, and help her irritated uterus chill out.

Things persisted all week, and G said I needed to do a sweep and get her baby out.  G had a history of delivering before her estimated due date anyway, and since I am client choice, i honored her request to begin labor encouragement as we started the 38th week.

G arrived at my office around 830am on June 21st for our attempted labor encouragement.  We did some herbs, and then an exam and membrane sweep.  G was 3cm dilated, 80% effaced, and baby at a -1 station.  We talked about going for a walk, and eating a good meal as her next tasks before she headed out.

G returned close to 3pm for a second sweep and herbs.  The first sweep and herbs definitely brought on a considerable amount of contractions, so we were hopeful repeating would make things more active and get this mama a baby!  G was 4cm dilated, 90% effaced, and baby at a -1 station.

Since G was very sure she wanted the baby to be born, apprentice A followed shortly behind G to do some good positioning work to help get things more regular and active.  For a couple of hours, they worked alternating between the birth ball, lift and tucks (with what G lovingly called “satan’s scarf” otherwise known as the rebozo), and some asymmetrical positioning.

Around 7pm, A and G went to the park and took a walk.  This seemed to change the flow of the labor waves, and A told me active labor was in progress and I should come.

I arrived at about 9pm, and found G laboring on the birth ball.  She had showered after her walk, and had changed into a special outfit she had wanted to wear during her birthing time. Her looks were definitely on point for birthing goddess!  She looked beautiful!

We did intake vitals, then moved to the bedroom to do a cervical exam to assess where we were at in our journey.  G was 5cm dilated, 90% effaced, and baby at a -1 station.  G felt emotional hearing about where her cervix was at in the journey.  She was hoping for more progress.  I reminded and assured her that each baby has to make their way into the world in their way, and we have to remember to allow this little one to make her journey the way she needs.

After the exam, we moved back into the living room and turned on some music, and G did some side lunging and big hip circles with contractions, or as I lovingly call them, captain morgan’s with slutty circles.  G was ready to work to meet this sweet girl!

Next was the abdominal lift and tucks for ten contractions.  These had been so powerful in changing things with her last baby’s journey, so G had a love/hate relationship with them.  Contractions were coming every 2.5 minutes, lasting 45 seconds.

We started homeopathy to help the journey.  When the lift and tucks were complete, G moved back to the birth ball, which was a comfort position for her. Contractions were shifting in intensity, and G was beginning to moan with contractions.  The birth pool was filing, in preparation as it seemed like G would be wanting in before long.

As 11pm neared, G was feeling done.  She wanted to be done.  The waves were becoming more powerful, as transition was nearing.  She moved around the house some before entering the birth pool on her knees at 11:21pm.

With G’s previous birth, once she got into the pool, things moved very quickly.  This journey was not the case, and the journey to holding her sweet girl was a much longer one.  E and her sister in law R (also a home birth mama) said later they almost asked me if everything was okay because the journey took much longer than the last time.

G moved position’s frequently, as she worked with her body and her baby to bring her sweet girl earth side.

Big brother R was very sweet, as he stood quietly next to the birth pool, sometimes lightly touching his mama, and so excited to meet his sister.  He hung in there so long, and even asked for some gloves like the rest of the team because, we discovered, he hoped to catch the baby.  He was disappointed he could not reach very far into the pool.  It was precious.

The emotions were high for G as she was in the thick of transition.  We continued to encourage G through each wave that she was safe, that her baby was working hard with her body to come earth side.  With each waves, someone was offering touch and encouragement.

We started herbs a little after midnight to help emotionally when G wanted to be so done.  At one point, apprentice A was encouraging G that this pain has a purpose, and G found her sassiness for a moment and replied, “This pain can kiss my a**.”  It was funny moment.

G was beginning to grunt more with each contraction.  I checked G at 12:47am, and found her with a lip of cervix and baby at a +2 station.  G wanted to try one contraction with me reducing lip, but the intensity was too much for her, and we continued to moan through the next few waves, waiting for her body to take over.

At 1:01am, G’s body took over, and began pushing spontaneously.  G was having some resistance to the urge, and I reminded her the sensation was normal, and her baby was ready to meet her.

With the next contraction, the baby came barrelling earth side, taking no time to slow her roll in wanting to meet her mama!  The journey was over, and baby girl was here!

Welcome to the world Bellamy Freyja, born earth side on June 22nd, 2019 at 1:04am, weighing in at 7lbs 6ozs, 19.25 inches long.  Your mama worked so hard in every capacity to surrender to the journey and had the power and strength to do what it takes to meet you in the comfort of home.

It was such a privilege to work with this fun couple for a second time.  Photos taken by Stacy Fitzmorris Photography.