Month / March 2013

Birth Story of John Paul

It is so awesome the way God joins paths and allows people to connect. I was given L’s information from a friend to design a logo for my home birth practice when I was starting up my business. In August, L called saying she was 20 weeks pregnant and was established with hospital midwives for […]

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With Great Sadness….

It is with great sadness that I share that we found out a few days ago that we have lost our baby. Today is a particularly rough day, but God laid it on my hear to come and share in my blog our loss. We have not had a viable pregnancy since our Silas was […]

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Birth Story of Lanigrace

I clearly remember the first time M called me asking questions about midwifery services. She said, “I am 43. Do you think my uterus will work?” M was pregnant with baby number 7. When she had baby number 5, the obstetrician who delivered her baby told her she needed to stop having babies because her […]

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