Month / November 2015

Birth Story of Vincent

M and J started care with me at the start of the first trimester of the first pregnancy.  I will never forget the day M called me.  She had just taken a test and she was excitedly calling to set up a consultation.  Pregnancy was uncomplicated until the 39th week started. I saw M for […]

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Birth Story of Huntelaar

C and A had started care with me in the first trimester of their first pregnancy. She had a very easy pregnancy and did well with preparing for her first birth by taking a childbirth class and hiring a doula. 6 days past her expected due date I received a text from A around 2am […]

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Birth Story of Scarlett

A and J started care with me near the end of the first trimester of A’s third pregnancy.  A had a cesarean and hospital VBAC before but was ready for a different experience this time. Pregnancy was uncomplicated until 37 weeks when blood pressure elevated and swelling became prominent.  A saw an acupuncturist which helped […]

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