Month / February 2016

Birth Story of Joshua

A and M started care with me at the end of the first trimester of their fourth pregnancy.  A had two birth center deliveries and a failed induction turned cesarean in the hospital.  She was excited to be planning for a healing home birth. A’s pregnancy progressed normally until her 31 week appointment.  While palpating […]

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Birth Story of Ezra

J and S started care with me in the start of the third trimester with their first baby.  They had watched some documentaries and done some research and felt that midwifery care and home birth were a better fit for them. At 37.3 weeks, J sent me a text that she was feeling some braxton […]

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Birth Story of Mason

D and J started care with me at the start of the second trimester of their third pregnancy.  Her first birth ended in a surgical birth, her second a very precipitous hospital VBAC.  She was looking forward to experiencing this birth in the comfort of her home for her third baby. At 39.2 weeks, D […]

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Birth Story of Revan

R and C started care with me in the first trimester of R’s fourth pregnancy.  This was the second pregnancy I was getting to provide care for R through. R battled through several obstacles through out her pregnancy, which was unlike her other pregnancies.  The first trimester brought heavy bleeding and low hormone levels.  I […]

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