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Guest Post:  Birth of Revan

The set up to my birth story is a lot of back story from my pregnancy. The birth-y stuff starts at the “***” This pregnancy was full of new and worrisome things. In my first trimester, I experienced heavy bleeding from a subchorionic hemorrhage and was certain that I would experience my third miscarriage soon. […]

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Guest Birth Blog Post…  Birth of Dahlia

We finally had our home birth that we had dreamed of for so long, surrounded by a wonderful team of midwife (Shannon Stellhorn), doula (Lizet Guajardo) and two midwife assistants (Hunter and Kaitlyn). The contractions were a lot more manageable than they were with Avner (my previous baby), I seemed to be in a lot […]

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I have come to understand that Midwives and Doula’s are pretty much hidden angels. After a battle with insurance companies and a doctors office that was way far away we decided to look into getting a midwife this time. I have an older LO who is about to be 5 and he was a hospital […]

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