Month / September 2013

Birth Story of Kindra

C transferred care to me at 21 week gestation.  She had birthed her last baby with hospital midwives, and really wanted a home water birth this baby. C said this was going to be her last baby and she wanted to have the birth she desired. C’s pregnancy progressed beautifully.  At her 36 week appointment, […]

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Birth Story of Aaron

N started receiving care with me at the start of the third trimester.  N and R had just moved back to the area from the east coast.  N had a sweet three year old little girl that she had a cesarean with in a military hospital.  The surgery was traumatic for N.  She felt the […]

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Birth Story of Aleximus

Aleximus’ birth story must begin with remarking how amazing and wise his mom and dad are. C and C are both young, but the research they did in making their decision to have a home birth was more than most couples do. At 41 weeks, C came into the office asking for her membranes to […]

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