S and E started care with me at the end of their second trimester of their first pregnancy.  S wanted something different than the hospital birth they had been planning.  After lots of debating and thought, S decided to keep her OB on the side to have as a plan b in case transport became necessary. Ten days past her estimated due date, S sent me a text that evening letting me know she thought labor might be starting.  Contractions soon came five minutes apart, and it was not long and S asked me to come over. Right before 4am, I did an exam and found S to be 4cm dilated, 80% effaced and baby at a -1 station.  Contractions were coming every 2-3 minutes, lasting a minute long.  S was laying on her side in the bed. S was having a lot of pressure in her backs and hips.  I suggested she move to the shower and labor there for a bit.  Close to 5 am, she was feeling more comfortable and got in the bed and took a nap.  Over the next few hours, S alternated between napping and getting in the bath/shower.  At 9:30am, S was 5cm, 100% effaced and baby at a -1 station. S sat on the birth ball, bouncing and rocking, contractions coming every 3-4 minutes, lasting 45 seconds.  Birth team and her family slowly started filtering in.  S ate some soup, as she visited. I suggested a walk.  It was unusually chilly for March, so S bundled up and we went for a quick walk, alternating some curb walking as we walked. As noon came, S decided to try to lay on her side and rest some more.  S rested awhile, and then decided to get in the bath.  Contractions seemed to be longer and stronger.  S requested for an exam right before 2pm.  She was now 6cm dilated, 100% effaced and baby moved down to a 0 station. S moved to the kitchen and leaned over her chair in the kitchen.  My birth assistant and I started airing up the birth pool and setting up supplies for delivery. By 3pm, the pool was ready and so was S! Contractions were coming every 4 minutes, lasting 90 seconds.  S started by sitting and then moved to kneeling for awhile. Stephanie 1Stephanie 2 The water helped take the edge off the contractions.  S did amazing resting and breathing through her labor journey. As 6pm neared, S got out of the warm birth pool and moved to the toilet.  She soon asked for a cervical check and was now 8cm.  S was feeling tired and decided to lay on her side in bed, to build up her energy.  She was ready to be done and be holding her baby. S rested for about an hour.  I came back in and her urge to keep moving positions was evident.  She sat on the birth ball for a couple contractions, then moved to her hands and knees.  She stood in her bathroom, rocking her hips and instinctually holding on to her hips. At 8pm, S asked for another check.  There had been no change.  Her amniotic sac was bulging into the cervix, and we discussed the possibility of that holding baby up a bit. I encouraged S to try the shower for a bit to help her cope through the surges.  Close to 9, S decided she wanted to be alone with E for 20-30 minutes. At 930pm, S asked again to be checked.  There was no change.  S said she did not want to break her water at home and wanted to transport to the hospital.  We left for the hospital around 10pm. Right before midnight, S received the epidural she requested.  She was still hanging out at 8cm, 100% effaced, and baby at a 0 station. Contractions spaced some after getting the epidural.  After the initial panic for S when her blood pressure dropped, S felt better and began visiting with her family that was present. As 4am neared, her OB called for a cesarean section since S had not made any change.  S was happy to be finally meeting her sweet baby! Stephanie 3 Welcome to the world Noah, born earthside on March 6, 2015 at 433am, weighing in at 9lbs, 11ozs.  Your mama worked so hard to meet you!