I met with A & T a couple months before their due date. They were really want the best chance for A to have a VBAC. They did not want to transfer to a doctor and get cornered into a repeat cesarean without getting to try everything to get the baby out vaginally. A’s pregnancy went along beautifully. A went into labor with her first at 39 weeks with her water breaking. Labor began very differently this time. A watched as her 39th and 40th week came and went. On the start of her 41st week, she woke in the night with contractions. After about five hours of contractions getting steadily closer and longer, A text and asked me to come. I loaded up and headed her way. When I arrived, A was out walking with her awesome doula C. She came in and we did our initial assessment. Mom and baby were great. Cervical exam showed A to be 3cm/80%/-1 station. That was wonderful change from her last prenatal appointment. For the next two hours, A rotated different positions. She went for more walks, rocked her hips during contractions, bounced on her birth ball. She was happy and felt like this labor was much easier to cope with. Right before noon, we decided to do another cervical check. 4cm/80%/-1. We agreed for me to dinner a membrane sweep. Her cervix was very stretchy and bloody show was noted on glove. Contractions were coming every 4 minutes and feeling stronger now. A decided to try and sleep, although contractions were intense. She got a small nap in, that helped recharge and re-energize to help her get through her labor. When she woke, contractions were coming every 3 minutes, lasting a minute long. At 3, we did another cervical check and found her to be 4-5cm/80/-1. A decided she was ready to try the birth pool. The birth pool made contractions much more manageable. A continued to labor on through out the afternoon. It was obvious contractions were intense, but A was amazing, breathing through her contractions. Her doula and husband were a rock for her. At 6pm, A asked for me to break her water. Cervical exam found her to be 6cm! Great change. We broke her water, and contractions deepened in intensity. Within the hour, A stated she was feeling lots of pressure. The intensity of the contractions caused A to jump positions. In the pool, then walking the halls, the squatting beside her bed. We were hopeful that baby was moving on down. 8pm comes along and A says the pressure is strong in her bottom. We find no cervical change. A said she was very exhausted and did not know how much longer she could labor, but was not ready to go to the hospital. We all did what we could to offer position changes and help her stay comfortable. The pain began to feel different, and A said she was feeling a lot of burning and pain in her cesarean scar. We discussed with A&T the importance of transferring and they agreed. The birth assistant called the ambulance, while I did the last set of vitals and helped A get ready. We got A on an ambulance. Sophie Michelle was born by cesarean section right after midnight on 03/21/2013 weighing in at 10.6#. A was amazing in her hard, powerful labor. Although not the way she wanted to deliver her baby, A felt she had done all she could and was happy to have been able to labor and try for a vaginal birth. Congrats A&T on your beautiful baby girl. <3