I had a difficult labor and delivery with my first child; I was uneducated regarding childbirth, and as a result of that, I felt totally out of control. The more that I educated myself about the birthing process, and realized the importance of feeling safe and comfortable during my birthing time, the more interested I became in having a home birth. After having seen an OB for more than 30 weeks of pregnancy, I began searching for a midwife. Shannon was the first one that I spoke to. I immediately felt a connection to her, she was so friendly! After doing more research, Shannon’s name kept coming up again and again, so I decided to meet with her. She answered any questions that I had and I felt very secure in my decision. It was a world of difference from the “care” that I was receiving from my OB. Shannon organizes various events that allow her patients to meet one another. I really enjoyed bonding with the other moms and getting to know Shannon on a more personal level. I loved that I could text her with any question and would always receive a prompt response. Shannon made sure that I was educated regarding any decisions involving my pregnancy and birthing time, but all decisions were ultimately mine to make. Thanks to Shannon, I had an incredible home water birth. I am so grateful to have found her and look forward to seeing her throughout any subsequent pregnancies. She is a beautiful person and an amazing midwife, and I wouldn’t think of having another baby without Shannon there by my side!  Melissa, Cypress, mother of Elodie born on September 27, 2013