My husband and I have experienced double the blessings now that we’ve just had our second birth (of three) with Shannon from A Sacred Journey! Our first birth left me feeling uneasy about being back in the hospital for something that proved my body was functioning exactly as it should, and having found Shannon made all the difference in the world for our second birth. Her patience during that [34 hour] labor won us over, but even more so her breadth of knowledge and practical ideas for working through different situations gave us the confidence to persevere. Having such a distinctly new labor pattern (less than nine hours) for our third birth was a surprise, and it was a blessing to have Shannon beside us to keep us calm, breathing, coping, and moving right along! She has the spirit of a humble handmaid and the expertise and wisdom of someone far beyond her years. Her prenatal care is thorough and attentive, and during the labors and births, I just can’t imagine more personalized and focused care! Thank you, Shannon, for all that you’ve poured into our experiences of amazingly beautiful pregnancies and births!  Laura, Pearland, mother of Vincent born September 15, 2014