When I think about the birth experience I was fortunate enough to share with Shannon, I am flooded with fond memories of a magical afternoon that culminated with the arrival of my beautiful baby boy! While the thought of that day brightens my heart, it is truly the birth journey and not just the destination that was important to me. And boy does Shannon know how to travel! ;D From beginning to end, I felt like Shannon guided me through this experience in an informed and exciting manner that had me looking forward to each visit! I felt empowered to choose my own adventure and supported through the decisions I made.  Shannon is more than a midwife…she’s an educator, a nutritionist, a holistic practitioner, a therapist and a friend. She has developed and nurtured a beautiful community of engaged families that become extensions of her own direct services.  May you be as lucky as I was to have Shannon attend your birth!  Ashleigh, Spring, mother of Ulysses born May 15, 2014