After having two very intervened hospital births that caused more harm than good, including a very traumatic c-section, I knew that if we were going to have more kids something had to change. I spent 5 years doing research about homebirth, VBAC and birth in general. I knew I had to do a 180 from the care I had been receiving. When we finally decided to try for another baby I wanted to make sure I had the best midwife in town to watch over my baby and I. I knew I was pregnant before I ever got the positive pregnancy test, and I spent that time researching midwives. And praying, lots and lots of praying. Somehow I just knew that Shannon was meant to be our midwife. She is so so knowledgeable, caring and personable. I always felt comfortable, and like I was visiting a friend.. Not reporting to a doctor. I was amazed at the level of care and the difference of mother-centered midwifery care vs care from a OB. I never felt rushed, and always had ample time to ask any questions. Shannon kept wonderful watch over my baby and I, and was a wonderful guide on this journey. She was able to easily read my personality and adapt her care to me and my needs. She knew, and respected, that I wanted this birth to be very different from my other two. When my birthing time came she was exactly what I needed her to be. She was wonderful about quietly entering my home and allowing me to labor uninterrupted. But she was always there, keeping watch over us and making sure everything was going as it should. Eventually we did have to transfer to the hospital because of some very stubborn cervical scar tissue. Shannon went with us to the hospital and stayed with me until my daughter decided to make her quite grand entrance a short time later (a VBAC!!). After the birth she continually checked up on us and helped me to process the birth. She helped with breastfeeding, and made sure that baby was doing well. I truly felt that I and my daughter were the only people that mattered to her at that time. Shannon is a wonderful mother, midwife, friend.. A truly remarkable person! And when the time comes that we will be welcoming another child into our home (it will!) … Shannon will be the first person I call! Roseana, Kingwood, mother of Sariah born December 10, 2014