C and T transferred their prenatal care to me in the early period of C’s second trimester. It was their first baby, and they wanted the best care and birth possible. C called me at 2am one morning, three days after her due date, to tell me she was pretty sure her water had broken. We chatted about it awhile and C decided she would go back to sleep. She called me at 6am, and I decided to go over and check on mama. C was not contracting at the six hour post rupture mark. She was 2cm dilated, 60% effaced and baby was engaged at a 0 station. I worked with C to encourage contractions. We used essential oils and tinctures to encourage contractions, and I took C curb walking and stair climbing. After a few hours, C decided she would be open to acupunture. An acupuncturist came over and tried to encourage contractions. C rested in the afternoon and as evening rolled around, C was finally feeling a few contractions after her mom started giving her a back massage. Contractions came every 5 minutes. C bounced on her ball, breathing well with contractions. We decided to go out for more curb walking and stair climbing. Contractions fizzled. C decided she was tired and wanted to try for some sleep. We discussed risks and benefits of continuing to labor at home with membranes ruptured. The plan was made to sleep and I would return first thing in the morning and we would pull out everything to get labor going, if it wasn’t in progress before then. The next morning came and contractions coming, but irregular. Cervical exam showed no change. We did a membrane sweep, and made a plan to bring on stronger contractions. C pulled out her breast pump to encourage stronger, regular contractions, and it seemed to do the trick! Less than an hour from starting the breast pump, C’s contractions were consistently coming every 4-5 minutes, lasting 45 seconds. Great progress! After the breast pump, C’s mom gave her a massage, and again it kept the contractions close and intense. An hour later, C was bouncing on the birth ball. Contractions were coming every 3 minutes now. Everyone was excited that labor had kicked in and a baby would be here soon! Lunch passed, and the contractions were definitely stronger. C decided to get into the birth pool to labor with T. Such a sweet, humorous time! C would get serious with contractions, and crack jokes in between. We watched vitals very closely, as the risk of infection increases the longer water is broken. At 1530, baby’s heart was a little faster than normal and we found mom to be running a fever. I got her out of the tub and to the toilet for a moment. Continuing to listen to heart tones and rechecked mom’s temperature. No change. Cervical exam found C to be 3/60/0. I discussed with C and T the situation and that I wanted to get C to the hospital as soon as possible. C and T agreed to tranport and headed to the hospital. Baby Uri was born by cesarean section after 5pm, weighing in at 8.8#. Mom was such a trooper through the cesarean. The postpartum period shows just how awesome this momma is! C worked and worked and got Uri to breastfeed despite the obstacles. The postpartum period was rough for C, but she has persevered and is one amazing, strong mama! C’s birth is not what she planned, but I think reflecting back now, it has shown C just how strong she is. Congrats C and T on a beautiful baby boy. Welcome to the world baby Uri! Born May 8, weighing in at 8.8#!