G and E started care with me in the first trimester of their fifth pregnancy.  G had used my services and had a beautiful home birth with her previous child, which you can read about here.

G’s pregnancy progressed along as beautifully as her previous one.  I did the home visit at 36.6 weeks pregnant, and found G ready to go.  She was experiencing a lot of Braxton Hicks, and ready to start doing all the things to have a baby.  She requested an exam, and was 1cm dilated, 50% effaced, and baby at a -3 station.

Three days later, G called me in the middle of the night with painful, frequent, short contractions.  She did not think they could be labor, but they were causing a lot of pain.  She came over later that day when contractions had slowed, but were continuing.  Baby looked great, and G was now 2cm dilated, 80% effaced, and baby still at a -3 station.  We talked about things to do to try and allow rest, and help her irritated uterus chill out.

Things persisted all week, and G said I needed to do a sweep and get her baby out.  G had a history of delivering before her estimated due date anyway, and since I am client choice, i honored her request to begin labor encouragement as we started the 38th week.

G arrived at my office around 830am on June 21st for our attempted labor encouragement.  We did some herbs, and then an exam and membrane sweep.  G was 3cm dilated, 80% effaced, and baby at a -1 station.  We talked about going for a walk, and eating a good meal as her next tasks before she headed out.

G returned close to 3pm for a second sweep and herbs.  The first sweep and herbs definitely brought on a considerable amount of contractions, so we were hopeful repeating would make things more active and get this mama a baby!  G was 4cm dilated, 90% effaced, and baby at a -1 station.

Since G was very sure she wanted the baby to be born, apprentice A followed shortly behind G to do some good positioning work to help get things more regular and active.  For a couple of hours, they worked alternating between the birth ball, lift and tucks (with what G lovingly called “satan’s scarf” otherwise known as the rebozo), and some asymmetrical positioning.

Around 7pm, A and G went to the park and took a walk.  This seemed to change the flow of the labor waves, and A told me active labor was in progress and I should come.

I arrived at about 9pm, and found G laboring on the birth ball.  She had showered after her walk, and had changed into a special outfit she had wanted to wear during her birthing time. Her looks were definitely on point for birthing goddess!  She looked beautiful!

We did intake vitals, then moved to the bedroom to do a cervical exam to assess where we were at in our journey.  G was 5cm dilated, 90% effaced, and baby at a -1 station.  G felt emotional hearing about where her cervix was at in the journey.  She was hoping for more progress.  I reminded and assured her that each baby has to make their way into the world in their way, and we have to remember to allow this little one to make her journey the way she needs.

After the exam, we moved back into the living room and turned on some music, and G did some side lunging and big hip circles with contractions, or as I lovingly call them, captain morgan’s with slutty circles.  G was ready to work to meet this sweet girl!

Next was the abdominal lift and tucks for ten contractions.  These had been so powerful in changing things with her last baby’s journey, so G had a love/hate relationship with them.  Contractions were coming every 2.5 minutes, lasting 45 seconds.

We started homeopathy to help the journey.  When the lift and tucks were complete, G moved back to the birth ball, which was a comfort position for her. Contractions were shifting in intensity, and G was beginning to moan with contractions.  The birth pool was filing, in preparation as it seemed like G would be wanting in before long.

As 11pm neared, G was feeling done.  She wanted to be done.  The waves were becoming more powerful, as transition was nearing.  She moved around the house some before entering the birth pool on her knees at 11:21pm.

With G’s previous birth, once she got into the pool, things moved very quickly.  This journey was not the case, and the journey to holding her sweet girl was a much longer one.  E and her sister in law R (also a home birth mama) said later they almost asked me if everything was okay because the journey took much longer than the last time.

G moved position’s frequently, as she worked with her body and her baby to bring her sweet girl earth side.

Big brother R was very sweet, as he stood quietly next to the birth pool, sometimes lightly touching his mama, and so excited to meet his sister.  He hung in there so long, and even asked for some gloves like the rest of the team because, we discovered, he hoped to catch the baby.  He was disappointed he could not reach very far into the pool.  It was precious.

The emotions were high for G as she was in the thick of transition.  We continued to encourage G through each wave that she was safe, that her baby was working hard with her body to come earth side.  With each waves, someone was offering touch and encouragement.

We started herbs a little after midnight to help emotionally when G wanted to be so done.  At one point, apprentice A was encouraging G that this pain has a purpose, and G found her sassiness for a moment and replied, “This pain can kiss my a**.”  It was funny moment.

G was beginning to grunt more with each contraction.  I checked G at 12:47am, and found her with a lip of cervix and baby at a +2 station.  G wanted to try one contraction with me reducing lip, but the intensity was too much for her, and we continued to moan through the next few waves, waiting for her body to take over.

At 1:01am, G’s body took over, and began pushing spontaneously.  G was having some resistance to the urge, and I reminded her the sensation was normal, and her baby was ready to meet her.

With the next contraction, the baby came barrelling earth side, taking no time to slow her roll in wanting to meet her mama!  The journey was over, and baby girl was here!

Welcome to the world Bellamy Freyja, born earth side on June 22nd, 2019 at 1:04am, weighing in at 7lbs 6ozs, 19.25 inches long.  Your mama worked so hard in every capacity to surrender to the journey and had the power and strength to do what it takes to meet you in the comfort of home.

It was such a privilege to work with this fun couple for a second time.  Photos taken by Stacy Fitzmorris Photography.