• Is homebirth with the help of a Houston midwife safe?

    This seems to be the biggest question everyone has. Medical researchers and statisticians have studied the safety of homebirth for almost 35 years. It is thoroughly documented in studies conducted throughout the United States, Great Britain and the Netherlands that homebirth is safe for well-screened, carefully attended women. Homebirths result in lower rates of surgical intervention, fewer complications in both mother and baby, and lower morbidity (birth injuries) and mortality (death) rates.

  • Why homebirth with the help of midwives in Houston?

    Homebirth is, by definition, woman-centered birth. It takes place in the woman’s own territory, and she makes the important decisions about who will attend her, whose advice she will follow, in what positions she will labor, what interventions she will accept, what she will eat, and what she will wear. Pregnant women and their families choose to give birth at home for many reasons. There has been a small but significant increase in the number of homebirths in the past decade, though only about 2 percent of the nation’s births currently occur in the home.

  • What are the benefits of homebirth with the help of a Houston midwife?

    • Familiar surroundings help the mother feel comfortable and safe during labor and birth, minimizing stress and fear.
    • The mother determines the birth atmosphere.
    • Birth attendants are considered invited guests.
    • No encounters with strangers or unfamiliar places.
    • Less chance of illness due to exposure to hospital-borne infection.
    • No awkward moves from room to room.
    • Few or no routine interventions.
    • No separations from the people and setting that empower her.
    • No arbitrary separations of mother and baby.
  • How much does a homebirth cost?

    Homebirth is considerably less expensive then delivering in the hospital because you do not have to pay for the cost of the hospital. My fee for midwifery service includes all prenatal care through 6 weeks postpartum, labor and delivery, a birth assistant at your delivery, placenta encapsulation if you desire, a birth pool for your use in labor and birth, and home visits at 37 weeks and first week postpartum. For more information about fees, please contact A Sacred Journey Midwifery Services online, via email, or by phone.

  • Will insurance cover the cost of services?

    More and more insurance companies are recognizing homebirth as a reasonable and cost effective option. Many insurance companies will reimburse you for the cost of your delivery. You will receive my billers information at your first appointment.

  • What will I need to get ready for the birth?

    Your main responsibility is to have a clean place to birth. I will provide a list of supplies which you will need to obtain for your birth.

  • When will the midwife come for the birth?

    As soon as you think you are in labor, or notice any change at all, give me a call and I will gauge where you are in you labor. I can come over and check you and I can always leave if you feel like you would like some more time with your husband and family. I will come as soon as you need me.

  • Who can be at my birth?

    You can invite anyone you like to your homebirth. There will be people who will be anxious to attend when told that you are planning a home birth. Do not feel obligated towards such people unless your reason for having them is that you need their love and support. Birth is not a party time! Do not feel that you are being selfish with your birth experience as you need to direct all of your energy inward. Try to have there with you only your most positive, supportive friends or relatives. I will bring at least two other assistants with me, or you can hire a Houston doula to help you with your birth. In general, children do beautifully at the actual birth, but have some difficulty coping with the labor, which makes them feel anxious. It is important that when children are involved that there is an adult whom they like and trust to supervise them who will answer their questions and be able to alleviate their fears.

  • What about special equipment and sterile supplies?

    Your midwife will bring all the medical equipment needed to the birth, as well as sterile instruments. Your birth kit will also contain sterile supplies, such as gloves, etc.

  • Isn’t it messy?

    Great care will be taken to keep the mess to a minimum. Plastic drop cloths or shower curtains are placed on the bed and floor around the birthing area. You are not required to clean up after yourself. Your midwife and her assistants will clean up everything.