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Birth Story of Teagan

  R and D started care with me in the second trimester of their third pregnancy.  R had two previous cesareans and was seeking a provider who would allow her a chance for a vaginal birth after two cesareans. Things went along perfectly.  I had vacation dates scheduled for March when R hired me, but […]

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Birth Story of Cierra

D and S started care with me early in the first trimester of D’s third pregnancy.  Five years earlier, I was blessed to have been part of S and D’s birth journey as their doula.  Pregnant again, D wanted to pursue a home water birth this time around with me as her midwife, instead of […]

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Birth Story of Brandon

A and C were quite surprised to find out they were expecting their third together in August, after just having their second in April.  You can read about that birth story HERE. A’s pregnancy progressed fairly normal.  Her third trimester was filled with lots of prodromal labor that became fairly constant once 37 weeks hit.  […]

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