• Testimonial #60

    “We have gone through two pregnancies with Shannon and I am so grateful that we chose her to be our midwife. This amazing woman has truly found her calling in life. After somewhat of an emotionally traumatic birth with our first born, she spent so much time counseling me through my fears and encouraging me throughout our second pregnancy. I cannot thank her enough. With the fast and furious birth of our second child, the birth team was not able to arrive on time. Not only was she my midwife, she stepped into place as my doula as well. We are so grateful for such a talented and knowledgeable midwife and it truly feels as though we have struck gold. She encourages informed decisions and respects/advocates parental rights. She goes above and beyond in every way, and truly lives and breathes her work and the care of her patients. I don’t know how this superwoman finds time to do everything she does! I also love the prenatal birth group she hosts every month in her home. I thought that was a really great place to gain information and chat with people about the monthly topic. (From cloth diapering, essential oils, baby wearing, positioning, postpartum, breastfeeding etc…) I am constantly impressed and feel continually blessed that she is our midwife. I cannot say enough good things about Shannon! Thank you for all that you do! We love you! Can’t wait to have our next baby under your care.” Christine, Spring, mother of Huntelaar and Bastiaan, born November 5, 2015 and August 24, 2017

  • Testimonial #59

    “Highly recommend Shannon and her services. Her services don’t end at your birth, the postpartum care is wonderful! Without her I wouldn’t have been able to BF – she recognized my son’s lip tie and told us where to go to get it fixed. She came to my home to help support me when trying to BF. Absolutely pleased.” Amy, Cypress, mother of Garrick, born March 10, 2016

  • Testimonial #58

    “This was my second birth with Shannon and I love her more and more!

    My midwife l❤️ves me

    Y’all. I cannot say this seriously enough. Shannon Stellhorn is the best midwife ever. My total L&D was 2.5 hours. My water broke about 1:30 am and Shannon was prompt and even though contractions hadn’t started yet. By the time she got there they were 1.5 mins apart! When she says something about a fast and furious birth, she means it! Whew! I was NOT expecting a birth like that but Shannon knew what she was doing. Zeke came with 5 mins of pushing as I was in a standing squat holding onto my husband for support. Zeke had problems breathing on his own and that became apparent when Shannon started vitals. Immediately she kicked into life saving mode. She was calm, collected, and knew exactly what to do. I must also praise Hunter Clayburn because this duo saved my sons life. They knew what homeopathy to use, when to call an ambulance, and how to control the room. I was in shock. It didn’t really hit me until a few days later what all had transpired. Amy Embrey and Shani Van Patten were awesome in their assistance to Shannon in anyway that she needed. They knew when to step back and let Shannon take control. Amy had taken over as my primary but unfortunate circumstances made Shannon take back over immediately PP with Zeke. Everyone kept such good records of what happened, knew exactly what to do and say to those who needed to hear it. While this was not the birth I had planned, I would never do another birth without Shannon and her team! She saved my baby’s life while still respecting my wishes. Shannon, Hunter, Amy, and Shani I cannot thank you all deeply enough for all that you have done for me and my family. You are heroes.” Courtney, Magnolia, mother of Zeke, born September 21, 2018

  • Testimonial #57

    Shannon has been my midwife for both of my daughters. They were both very different labors and births. Shannon is a great lady who handles your pregnancy, labor, and delivery exactly as you want! If you are considering a home birth, I highly recommend you interview Shannon!” Sarah, Tomball, mother of Gracelynn and Caralynn, born April 6, 2014 and May 1, 2017

  • Testimonial #56

    “I knew before we even tried to get pregnant again that I wanted a different route than the hospital birth I had with my daughter. After months of trying we found out we were pregnant with baby number 2. I knew immediately I wanted a water birth. I had been fascinated by alternate birthing options and alternate medical care.  It took a bit to convince my other half to jump on board with this decision but, after weeks of researching he knew it was what my heart wanted. I found Shannon & I can’t express how important it is to know that she has this way about her that makes you feel so comfortable. I have high anxiety and she did wonders for my nerves. I knew as soon as we met her that she was perfect! I didn’t even bother to interview other midwives. Even my mother who has spent her whole life in the medical field knew I was in good hands.

    Shannon goes out of her way to ensure your mind and body are in the right place. She had me on a vitamin regiment that did wonders for my strength to help prepare for labor. Her care helped with my energy and made me aware of my food intake as well.  It was such a blessing to have such a strong, empowering birth team. Shannon and her team exceeded all of our expectations with everything from prenatal care, birth, and postpartum. Hunter even cleaned after birth and blew me away with her generosity trying to do laundry. The time Shannon takes to explain all of your questions and genuinely care about everyone shows. She helped bring a healthy 9lb 4 oz little boy in to this world, just the way I wanted, with a water birth from home. I can never express my gratitude for everything.

    Her postpartum care is unmatched. I can’t even explain how wonderful it is that she provides postpartum care. We had struggles with rashes, breast feeding, thrush, etc. and she was just a text/email/call away to help. She provided such informative information. I am a stubborn woman so asking for help and seeking help after birth was hard for me. Shannon made sure to touch base regularly because she just knows you and wants to be there for you.

    Beware though, if you decide to join her care you’ll never want to go back to your OBGYN because her care is like nothing you will receive from them.”

    Brittney, Tomball, Mother of Raiden, Born July 18, 2016

  • Testimonial #55

    “I was beyond skeptical, and concerned, when my wife mentioned that she was interested in a home birth. I wanted to know that my wife and baby would receive the best care, and it seemed far too risky to have a home birth. But then I met Shannon! With each visit in Shannon’s home I felt more comfortable. She was patient enough to answer all my questions—and I had a lot! Although I started as a skeptic, I’m now something of a home birth evangelist—now I find myself pushing everyone to pursue a home birth! Now my only fear is that we’ll move too far for Shannon to deliver our next baby! ”  David, Cypress, spouse of Stacy, father of Thomas, born on August 5th, 2017

  • Testimonial #54

    Shannon is the only midwife I know, but I know she’s the best. Her and her team are the most caring women I know, and I am honored they were a part of my birth. Shannon is there for you anytime you need her throughout your pregnancy and postpartum. She is very knowledgeable, and I loved her alternative ways of treatment. She is HIGHLY RECOMMENDED in my book.”  Octavia, Houston, mother of Levi, born on July 27th, 2017

  • Testimonial #53

    “I met Shannon at the B.I.R.T.H. Fair in Houston prior to becoming pregnant in 2015, but knew immediately that I wanted her to be my midwife in the future. Shannon has such a caring demeanor, and is capable of putting anyone at ease. She was amazing and gave us quality care at every prenatal visit. Her birth team works so cohesively, and my home birth was everything I could have possibly asked for. I delivered a healthy baby boy (10lbs,10oz) at home on August 31, 2016. What I would really like to emphasize about my entire experience, though, is the postpartum care that Shannon provided. After my first hospital birth, I suffered from undiagnosed postpartum depression. I was deeply depressed and had no support system. I saw my ob/gyn at 6 weeks postpartum, and that was the only care I received. No one followed up with me. I chose a home birth because I knew I wanted a different experience. Shannon tailors her care to each woman’s unique situation. It truly is one-of-a-kind, woman-centered care. Not only did she help me prepare for my postpartum period before I gave birth, she was vigilant about checking on me after I delivered and always available when I needed her advice. She helped me seek additional support when it became necessary for my postpartum depression and for my difficulties breastfeeding. Rather than seeing her once, I saw her several times over the course of my postpartum period, and that truly made all the difference in my recovery. My depression did not last as long, and I still feel as though I have a great network of support through Shannon and her team. Shannon truly makes everyone feel like family.” Jessica, Baytown, mother of Phillip, born on August 31st, 2016

  • Testimonial #52

    “I will always hold Shannon so near and dear to my heart! Wow, I am a first time VBAC and so extremely happy I chose Shannon to be my midwife. My skeptical husband loved her from the very first time we met her. Not only does she care for your baby but also your health and wellness. You can reach out to her anytime you need her and she is there for you. Our appointments lasted an hour every single time and she thoroughly explained everything through each step of our pregnancy. I can’t say how many more kids we will have but Shannon will be our midwife for every single one of them!”  Stacy, Cypress, mother of Thomas born on August 5th, 2017

  • Testimonial #51

    “Shannon was recommended by my birth classes instructor and making the decision (very very late in my pregnancy) to change over to a midwife was one of the best and biggest decisions we made. Shannon was amazing, she is born for midwifery and she is such a remarkable person too! A precious gem!!”  Fiona, Houston, mother of Ali born on August 17, 2016